Rolling Dance Whatever 2017


New Helm, predictably weird.


Nice long feature on the recent Giegling tour:


Saw Leftfield last night. Never seen them before, and they played Leftism in full. I bought it the day it came out, and loved it since, so it was really quite a moment for me, if that doesn’t sound weird. They were amazing.


Great Mike Banks interview.


I like Giegling and really like Konstantin, but come on mate.



Enjoyed that. The last track Lockers is a banger, pretty strong all the way through.

Think I prefer the last Floorplan album and his last album proper: Motor city night time world vol. 3 to this one, but any new RH is good with me :slight_smile:


Motor is a bit of a classic IMO. Hard to say how this stacks up after one listen but I enjoyed it. Think the Floorplan albums are great but are in general a bit patchier. Paradise is the better of the two for me but both have several stompers.


Goodnight sweet Prince…


Daphni’s done a Villalobos and is releasing a new full length as Fabriclive 93


Not sure if it fits in with this thread but seems appropriate. New album from Jabu from the Young Echo collective on it’s way, new track ‘Fool If’ was released today.


I’m a few tracks in to the new Pev album and it’s sounding great as always


Just a heads up that Studio Barnhus have finally got their entire back catalogue onto Bandcamp

kick it


Not really sure I’ve explored them beyond the odd bit of Axel Boman and some of the Kornél Kovács album. Anything particularly worth checking out?


I’m more of a fan of Kornél’s Nincs EP than his LP - especially this one

but it’s all really good sunny, twisted stuff throughout the roster - nothing beard strokey or or earnest anywhere

obvs this one is a banger

and the HNNY stuff & the Baba stuff is all good too - go for a lucky dip




Been banging on about it in the weekly releases thread, but the Nick Höppner album is incredibly lush house. Well worth your time.


Actress is really great isnt he? Absolutely great trippy thing. Was surprised how much I liked AZD and now checked out R.I.P and its all great stuff. Albums to get lost in and let them take you to new worlds




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