Rolling Dance Whatever 2019

What’s everyone been enjoying in the new year then? Been fairly mellow to begin with, nothing too banging.

Two new DJ Healer mixes came out over Christmas full of new stuff:

The Oceanic ‘Live at De School’ record is super nice: Live at De School - Album by Oceanic | Spotify

Whities currently have their entire digital catalogue on Bandcamp for £27 (click on any record to find the link):

And this RVNG intl 15th anniversary mix by Beatrice Dillon is great:

Not been super inspired by nights so far. Off to a few days of CTM Festival in Berlin late Jan, then Helena Hauff and Nina Kraviz in March. There’s a new Thursday night at Five Miles which looks interesting, might pop along to the first one this month.


And for something a bit more lively, Ben UFO and Oceanic’s Rinse show from last night: Stream Hessle Audio with Ben UFO & Oceanic - 7th January 2019 by Rinse FM | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

I finally listened to Kode9 and Burial Fabric mix and…it’s not good, is it?

Currently only definitely going to Livity Sound and Villalobos at Fabric next month, likely to go to Skee Mask, Peach and Or:la on a Thursday(?) in Bath(??) too.

This I like

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This is great. Have you heard any of Rrose and Lucy’s Lotus Eater project from last year? The record was pretty interesting, would like to see them live too.

Went to the Bleep shop in Dalston last night for a free Modeselektor DJ set. Not seen them before so wasn’t sure what to expect, and they were great fun. Played such a variety of stuff, everything from standard thumpy techno through heavy bass music, some drum n bass and hip hop thrown in, plus a handful of old school rave classics.

Ended up spending far too much money in the sale section at the front of the store, some really great stuff in there.

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I went to a Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle) one before Xmas.

They have one with U-zip and his partner Lara coming up but I think it’s just a talk. Never really been that fussed about talks about music tbh but might pop along.


Really into Dozzy at the moment, been playing a lot of Voices of the Lake too stuff recently. Cleo was the standout track of last year for me.


the ‘third Thursday’ one, yeah? I heard alexander nut plug that on his radio show, is his night. would like a report if you go. was well impressed hearing him play out and always listen his radio show…

Oh shit, I’d missed these! Nothing 2 Loose was one of my favourite records of the year so this is great news!

Edit: Supposed to be a reply to @suapth

So far this year I’ve largely been catching up on some stuff I severely overlooked last year, like records by Kelly Moran and Seleccion Natural (project involving Oscar Mulero and a couple of other important names who escape me now - thunderous, industrial but insanely groovy techno in the vein of James Ruskin, Regis etc). That Wisdom Teeth label compilation, ‘Splits 001-4’ has been on hefty recognition too, despite being aware of most of the tunes for years; Simo Cell’s ‘Escape The Fate’ and Facta’s ‘Polywhirl’ are just the smoothest bangers.

Couple of really good new bits already this year. That Jay Mitta debut LP on Nyege Nyege Tapes is ridiculously addictive fun. And Dominick Fernow getting snapped up by Low Jack for the new Rainforest Spitiual Enlightenment 12" is sick. Also! That new Vatican Shadow 3 tracker is gorgeous; ‘Loyal to the Deceased’ is my favourite track Fernow has done under that alias for years.


Also got the busiest start to a year for raves I’ve had for the last 3 or 4 years. Going to DJ Stingray (Feb 7th), Or:la (early march some time) and Avalon Emerson (early April), all part of Origins’ ongoing party series at Komedia in Bath. Also very much looking to head to that DJ Storm & Facta night at The Island in Bristol, but haven’t got a ticket yet.

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Origins are consistently putting together great line-ups, didn’t realise they do things in Bath as well (have friends in Bristol so a trip is feasible). Shame their London series seems to use the same venue each time (Micks Garage) which doesn’t have much of an atmosphere and often attracts a fairly mediocre crowd.

fabric have wiped their social media and boarded up the outside of the club. As a few people have pointed out on social media, it looks a little strange/insensitive if it’s a publicity thing given their recent history with the closure etc…

Is Komedia good for a night out? Only ever been to see John Grant, seems like a weird place for a club night.

@suapth getting back from Bath to Bristol is an almighty pain in the arse, although between 3 or 4 of you the cost will probably be about the same as a taxi in London would.

If this is the preamble to the inevitable Craig/Terry/Ricardo/Apollonia/Rhadoo birthday announcement then colour me unimpressed.


RE: Komedia & Bath. This is the strange thing; the venue was initially set up as comedy club/diner but the chef Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall haha, but it quite quickly transcended to be a hotspot for live music in the city, I think because it’s so central and Moles burnt down and is still picking up the pieces after reopening a few years ago. I’ve actually only been there twice; once to see British Sea Power almost 10 years ago now - I remember them sounding gloriously loud and crystal clear, but the PA may have been much more suited to their sound? The only other time I’ve been is for their weekly Saturday night soul and disco party Motown, which is PROBABLY the most popular mainstream night in the city - I very much doubt that’s because of the soundsystem though. I only just moved back just before Christmas and never bothered with it when I lived in Bristol, so not had much experience of it as a rave hotspot.

Origins have always used it as their sole venue in Bath though, so must be relatively good. I always questioned why they never went for Moles or The Nest, but then those venues are saturated with resident takeovers and dnb nights already.

Origins put on nights in Moles as well don’t they? Pretty sure they had Optimo there just before Christmas.

Right you are mate, my bad. Moles is also hosting forthcoming Origins nights for Courtesy (could’ve sworn I read that that was at Komedia but obviously not), Octo Octa and HAAi, so yeah, a complete overlook by myself.

No worries! Thought for a moment there were two decent promoters in Bath. Still haven’t been to an Origins night but likely to go to the Or:la/Skee Mask one. Appreciate their crowd is mostly students but really wish it wasn’t a Thursday.