Rolling Dance Whatever 2019

Just discovered this thanks to a FACT playlist:

Kind of dark lo-fi, dubby, industrial um… techno? Beats? Not sure. It’s good though. Reckon fans of stuff like Andy Stott, Demdike Stare and the like will find something to enjoy.

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Found this album the other day too while looking through the Dekmantel line-up - really nice! Looking forward to seeing them.

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Not been keeping up with things recently but a few nice records out recently:

PTU on Trip

Ondo Fudd


Karen Gwyer

Also missed this from Amnesia Scanner and Bill Kouligas back in April - it’s really great

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And these mixes from last month’s Lente Kabinet Festival are so great, really enjoying Call Super b2b Shanti Celeste, Job Jobse, and LYZZA.

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