Rolling Dance Whatever 2019


Yeah, I’m gonna have to find cover for the Friday for that one. Same with the Stingray night.


Alright folks, sorry-not-sorry for promoting in this thread. Think most of the regular posters here are London types, but… 6 top DiSers from the Disintegration State label will be performing at The Peer Hat in Manchester on Feb 16th. Evening will start more on the ambient end and get dancier later on. Tickets are £6 and there should be a number of other DiSers in attendance. This is our first label night, so if you have pals up north you can spread the word to, that would be hugely appreciated.


This sounds great, been impressed with the label so far - just a shame this isn’t possible to get to! Any plans for a label night in London this year perhaps?


For sure! Need to sort a venue and date but it’s certainly on the cards.


Hour of goodness from Dan


American police, fucking hell


Er, is that it?


jfc those line-ups are so average, worst birthday party ever.


Appreciate that this is only phase one of the announcements and Fabric is, at heart, a big room tech house establishment but Christ that’s an uninspiring set of parties. The Martinez Brothers are the dullest DJs I’ve ever seen.

Hoping for a Hessle Audio night or all-nighters from less established DJs and crews in the next wave.


Jesus. Thank fuck they didn’t shoot him


Fucking hell this is dreadful.


Nice thumping mix here from Giant Swan: