Rolling Dance Whatever 2019

This is quite fun

Got a download code for the Nathan Micay album linked to a couple of weeks ago if anyone wants it (I bought the vinyl from bandcamp so got a download automatically from there, but the record came with a separate code as well).

his radio 1 residency has been great

Reminder that Ben UFO is a national treasure

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Not going to make this now, if anyone knows anyone who wants 2 super cheap tickets for tomorrow (last entry at 2pm though.) let me know

properly shitting it about the weather forecast for tomorrow now

hmmm not looking great is it. hopefully lots of people are put off so it isn’t too busy at least? reckon it’ll be alright though so long as the ground isn’t turned to a muddy swamp.

pac-a-mac at the ready

This is sounding good. Getting me in the mood for tomorrow.

Warehouse isn’t open yet :man_shrugging: Peach sounding good

Oh that’s odd. We were about to head over. Guess we’ll wait till Umfang and Volvox. Peach is great so far!

J2 was a fun day, decent festival on the whole. Sound was excellent on all stages, loved the woods stage especially, very little queuing anywhere, friendly security and nice vibes all round.

Highlights were Peach, Daniel Avery, Call Super & Shanti Celeste, Umfang & Volvox, Ben UFO. rRoxymore and Objekt also great for the little bits we saw.

Shame Batu didn’t play in the end and they didn’t update the app or make any announcements. The sound dropped out a few times for the first hour in the Warehouse once it did open, so guess they had some issues.


Also had a really great day yesterday, was so hungover that I was dead by 8 but had a brilliant time up until then and was great to end with an hour of Objekt.

Koze was the only boring part, all his parents’ mates on stage was dead weird too.


Agree with all the above, great sound and visuals.

rRoxymore in the woods - nice setting in amongst the trees, birds and glitter balls; like the constant percussion she plays
Daphni on the main stage - bit of a break in the sunshine, Zed Bias Neighbourhood track was good fun and the funk of Sizzling went down well
Daniel Avery in the warehouse - thought it might be a bit ambient but it was back to back ‘bangers’ the FJAAK track was good fun and everyone going bananas to No Good (Start the Dance) was oh so good

Also enjoyed Peach, DJ Stingray and Objekt.


Seems like the best place to post this, I have a spare free ticket for Pantha Du Prince on Thursday if anyone wants it

just got a ticket for printworks august bank holiday sunday. maybe on my own…

larry heard with Fatima
theo parrish
dam funk live
carl craig


what do people reckon to the new tenderlonious record?

Couple of really good RA podcasts from recent weeks:

Been revisiting this Midland set a lot too:

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Listened to that Aurora Halal one yesterday, dead good, so spacey. There’s what I think is a new Wata Igarashi track about 40 minutes in that is just :ok_hand:

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there are so many lovely little moments in this, one of my favourites for ages. The last 15 minutes or so is so great.