Rolling Dance Whatever Thread 2018

May as well have a new thread for a new year…

Ben UFO’s recent Dekmantel podcast seems an appropriate way to kick things off, two versions or ‘sides’ as a bonus. Slightly prefer B so far, both pretty decent though:

What are people excited for this year club-wise? Jan - March has a stupid amount of good nights in LDN, went to the Hessle Audio NYD party and so far got tickets to:

Joe & Yak - 12 Jan
Phoung Dan - 13 Jan
Shackleton live - 26 Jan
Ryan Elliott - 26 Jan (new venue called Hangar, intrigued)
Lena Willikens, Ivan Smagghe, Vladimir Ivkovic - 2nd Feb
Ben Sims, James Ruskin, Regis - 9 Feb
Perc, Matrixxman - 16 Feb
Mall Grab - 23 Feb
DJ Stingray - 24 Feb
Objekt - 25 Feb
Alva Noto - 4 March

Release-wise, would love to have new records from Avalon Emerson, UMFANG, Machine Woman, Shackleton, Helena Hauff, heard rumours of a new Daniel Avery album too; and intrigued to see what labels like Whities, Pan, Lobster Theremin and Ectotherm do next.

Young Marco at XOYO on the 27th is the only thing I’m definitely going to so far. Tempted by Theo Parrish in Bristol the next week but going to Motion is such an immense chore. Villalobos’ next Fabric night might actually be happening at a reasonable time for once so will probably try and go to that as well. Need to branch out a bit with labels, think Comeme, Hessle and Bunker NYC are the only ones where I listen to pretty much everything they put out.

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dont mind me


don’t go clubs much now. might go stingray.

I aim to listen more of ‘narx and friends’ show on nts, that always seems a lot of fun.

not sure if nkisi got a mention here before, what a banger…


New Paleman is pleasingly grim

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I’m really enjoying this track from Yoshinori Hayashi. EP out at the end of the month.

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New album from Aleksi Perälä, Paradox, on trip is really good spacey, almost dream-like techno. Think it actually came out just before Christmas though so technically 2017.

Just been re-reading this interview with him too, the whole Colundi frequency cult thing is so bizarre:

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Appreciate this goes against me trying to listen to more stuff from more labels but this looks greeeeeaaaat

  1. Ulysses - No Matter How Many Hashtags You Use You’ll Still Die Alone



New Daniel Avery!

4-track EP out today and new album in April. Just given the EP a listen - definitely taken a darker more pensive turn. Elements of IDM, industrial, ambient (track 2 is a murky swirling beatlesss churn)… Nothing approaching boom tick 4/4 until the last track and even that sounds submerged and fractured a la Burial. Excited for the album.


Any good podcasts people can recommend? I listen to Scuba’s SCB radio each week ( which is quite good for underground techno bits and pieces. Need to expand my range tho.

Tend to stick with Truants, Beatrice Dillon’s NTS show, RA mixes, and the podcasts. The RA Exchange features are sometimes really interesting too. New favourite NTS show is Castles in the Sky, for futuristic, experimental and often brutal techno:

Really enjoying the Norm Talley album from last year. Dug a little deeper and I recognise loads of his stuff from other people’s sets. Can anyone recommend some other lesser known Detroit producers with a similar (Three Chairs/FXHE) type sound? Can’t get enough of this stuff at the moment.

New Berghain series mix came out on Friday, from Fiedel. Not one of the residents I’ve really come across before, except I now realise as half of MMM with Errorsmith, but this is really impressive.

Listened to it in two chunks over the weekend, the variety in track selection really stands out across the whole mix. Think the second hour just shades the first for me.

Fiedel is a great dj, he did some of the Wax Treatment podcasts -

DJ Pete rocks too, well worth checking.

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Think I prefer the lesser booked residents overall, would rather see Boris or Norman Nodge again than Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Len Faki etc.

New Traumprinz mix:

Apparently he’s done with Giegling as well (mad to think that Giegling was probably the best regarded electronic label around this time last year).


This new Peggy Gou is amazing too:

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Yessss, just had a quick flick through the whole thing. Can’t wait to get home and stick this on properly.
Yeah I saw he’d called it a day with giegling last year. I guess that means they won’t be repressing any more of his stuff either.

Tempted for the giegling night in March in London. RA has it listed as 15:00 - 02:00, last entry 18:00! The night at VU last year was brilliant so hoping for something similar.

Still can’t get past the Konstantin factor personally. Thought his apology was a non-starter and female artists are still refusing to play on the same bill as him. A lot of venues seem to be steering clear too.

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