Rolling Dance Whatever Thread 2018


I meant familiar, obviously.


nice line up! Chapter 10 has always been so much fun, we considered going on Sunday until it sold out (didn’t want to risk it as couldn’t get there for doors).


Ah bummer, you should have as it wasn’t that heaving and a friend got in after 12. Perhaps some people got lazy on account of the weather.

Yeah I do really like it, Bloc can be a nightmare when its rammed tho, especially those toilets.


Ah really? Damn - previously it’s often been packed with very few door tickets. We had a great time at Five Miles anyway, but would’ve been nice to see Steffi in such a small venue.


Those Hackney restrictions are going to drive everything that bit further out (Fold in Canning Town’s another good example of this).


Full on JAG, but I made an electronica/techno/IDM/whatever record and we put it out on Disintegration State on Friday last week.

Streaming on all the usual services

There’s a ltd edition CD version on bandcamp too.


Had a weird experience at Five Miles on Friday where the promoters of the night that was on, flat out didn’t want to let us in. When asked why they just kept saying they have a door policy. But wouldn’t elaborate what that was (it was a gay night, when I asked if they thought we weren’t gay they said it wasn’t that). Eventually the bar manager got involved and told them to let us in but just felt really off? The night ended up being brilliant (Shaun J Wright was on who was incredible) but took me a while to shake it off (especially as literally everyone else turning up was being allowed in with no questions asked). At least it was just the promoter and not the venue but still, sort it out.


That’s really weird… I guess you didn’t get any kind of answer from either the promoter or the venue as to what their issue was?


No, not really. Dunno if they think they’re at the Berghain or something - and the security and manager could see we just wanted to go in and enjoy the night so I have no idea what they didn’t like about us. As I say, it won’t put me off going again as I liked the space and the venue seemed to be OK with us! Hey ho.


That’s pretty ridiculous to not offer any reasoning and doesn’t sound like a fun experience at all, can certainly see why it would affect your night.

Very weird, don’t think small places like FM are in need of a door policy similar to clubs in Amsterdam or Berlin at all, especially not if they sell advance tickets? Even Oval Space, where they say they reserve the right to refuse entry even if you bought a ticket, seem to let everyone in anyway…


This was mentioned yesterday in the Radiohead Tel Aviv thread and possibly should also go in one of the social board politics threads or something, but thought it was pretty relevant here especially after all the cancellations from Meteor Festival a few weeks back:

Fairly shocking to see the backlash has started already, with ://about blank in Berlin of all places leading the charge (although seems like their owners’ brand of radical politics is super dodgy) in dropping parties and artists who publicly support Palestine. Seeing that Golden Pudel in Hamburg and Pracht in Leipzig have also cancelled DJs who’ve supported this campaign now too.

This could get very messy and complicated given the scale of support for the campaign and the names involved.


Yeah, been bubbling away for a while but seems to be coming to a head


Just read Headshell’s post and it’s full of whataboutery… :confused: Some nice responses from noncompliant in the comments at least.


Some nice bits of new music out recently - a great mix from Moxie with lots of lovely unreleased things:

New album coming soon from Objekt, first track is lush. Love his sound design so much:

Ikonika Discwoman mix, some great stuff in here:

Dark and mysterious stuff from Reka:

Also really enjoyed this one, a DJ i’ve not come across before:


I know it was full of absolute guff, but I’m still disappointed they’ve stopped doing the monthly top 50 tracks on RA


I quite like scrolling through the DJ Top 10s on RA to see what’s been popular. And the monthly round-up feature they do of mixes, tracks, EPs, albums etc is pretty good.


Yeah. That monthly top 50 tracks chart showed you what’s being played. Which is often twaddle – plenty of generic tech house. But there’s sometimes a track you’ve heard out or an overlooked new release in there, discovered plenty of bits over the years. The DJ charts are still up though and you can be a bit more selective, so not a disaster


New Max Graef album, I’m a big fan of his first Rivers of the Red Planet, hoping for good things from this. Have tried to keep up with all his other releases and side projects but he’s pretty prolific


Villalobos Essential Mix is predictably great.


Damn, that new Objekt track is so good.