Rolling Dance Whatever Thread 2018


Quite a turn-up for him to do an essential mix, even if it is a recording of a set. Added to my list


Intrigued by this, interested to see how his big fader/eq moves sound in the cold, sober light of day.


This is a belter of an album.


if you ain’t too cool for it…


New Ancient Methods record is very good, straddles the line between being an album and maintaining the bangers well. Some good guest spots from Prurient, Regis and King Dude.

Went to Fold for the first time to see Giant Swan etc. Smaller than I thought it would be tbh, unless I’m missing something. Not exactly sure it’s worth the trek out to Canning Town for the space but they obv have some good line ups. Not a big fan of the laborious security outside, seems a bit ridiculous when you compare it to somewhere like Corsica. Everyone’s taking drugs anyway.




Anyone heard Fabriclive 100 yet? Tracklist looks a lot like a standard nowadays Kode9 set but then I have no idea what a Burial set would look like. Lots of internet disappointment from people expecting lots unreleased Burial but that’s the internet for you.


Put out probably our most ‘dance’ release to date on Disintegration State on Friday, soma by Sunbane. Futuristic house/post-rave/dunno. The Alchemist is particularly banging (imo)


Listened to it earlier this morning and sadly wasn’t really feeling it on first listen. Lots of great moments but it veers all over the map and felt really disjointed.

Will take a bunch of listens to get under the skin of I reckon.


I’ve watched about a million of these kind of things and know most of it…but this is actually very good so far.


This is ace:




had no idea this was coming out, amazing


Was way off on this then.

Again, mixed feelings. Would like to have had something a bit more adventurous but Craig and Terry are the sound of Fabric. Testament to both of them that I recognise about 2 of the artists across both of their mixes.


Bit of a shame it isn’t by Judy G really. Would’ve been fascinating to document her perspective on fabric given how integral she’s been.


New Marie Davidson album is out today. Saw her last night and had a great time, she’s got such an awesome stage presence.

There’s also the new label from Courtesy - Kulor - with their first release next week. Couple of tracks to stream now, absolute bangers.


from the third episode, if you’d shown me that ‘cake’ part as a spoof, i’d have completely believed it. dance music taking it’s cues from 70’s light entertainment tv.


Mentioned over in the new releases thread but the new Arvo Party is cracking:

A bit in that Jon Hopkins/Daniel Avery sort of space. Danceable ambient as if that is a thing.


Thanks, really enjoying this! FFO Rival Consoles, too.