Rolling Dance Whatever Thread 2018


Anyone got any recommendations for higher tempo (140-150bpm type range) house and techno? Started mixing again recently and having a lot of fun at this sort of tempo. Mostly Midwest techno and acid and some higher tempo ghetto house so far but looking to branch out.


Courtesy’s new label, Kulor, put out a compilation a few weeks ago. Most of that was around 140, some great tracks on it.


Don’t think I can think of anything to hand but interested in what stuff you’ve got already


This is really good droney, grimy techno.

Fella seems to usually go under the name Dublicator but this is as Organit. Can’t say I’ve heard of him either way, but I’ll be digging in a lot more.


Bruce’s album is absolutely excellent.


Will give this a go. Feel almost guilty admitting it because he’s a local boy done good and seems to be a GBOL but I don’t really “get” Bruce.

In other Bristol news


You’re talking my language. A lot on here is nice and well crafted but a bit ploddy for me. Haven’t kept up with recent stuff though.


This is sad - the latest Panorama Bar mix, which should’ve been out yesterday, looks like it’ll now not be released due to licensing issues. Wonder what it means for the future of the series.


Our Spirits Soar sounds like a potential Ibiza crossover banger from the clip :smiley:


New Objekt album is out today, sounding glorious on my first listen through. Think this one is going to need many repeat listens to appreciate all the tiny details crammed into each track.

Nice interview with him for RBMA last week too:


On my first listen now. Not a massive fan of the noodling metallic-feeling tracks like Nervous Silk, but then that groove on Deadlock is pure filth and I’m back in love.


Then Rest Yr Troubles Over Me is pulling me right back out again. I think I just don’t really like the aesthetic of his ‘ambient’ work - it’s unsettling and the sound design is impeccable, but… I just don’t really enjoy this style.


I personally love the way those tracks never quite feel settled and leave you a little on edge! I could easily imagine it as the sound track to a horror film or something.

The album’s a nice evolution of the current deconstructed, hyper-designed PAN sound - the recent releases from Eartheater, Amnesia Scanner, Puce Mary, have all been excellent but this seems a step above even those.


This is a good way of describing it. I think generally it’s a style I don’t get on with - there’s something I find a bit ‘clinical’ about the textures. Which is fine.

Yeah, would be great for an Alien-style movie.


Yeah I can totally get why it’s not a style that suits everyone. And tbh maybe it won’t have much longevity.

There’s definitely something immediately exciting about this one for me, which I didn’t find with Flatland (although that was probably a more rewarding album for being a slow-burner).


Emerging after another Berlin weekend. Returned to the infamous Snax party at the Berghain on Saturday evening (where the Lab part of the club takes over the Berghain and a lot goes down :flushed:) - was incredible. Few hours sleep then went back for the Sunday afternoon with Ellen Allien at Berghain, who I’ve sort of gone off in recent years but she played a really upbeat set which was the pick me up I needed followed by Âme, Virginia, Todd Edwards and Honey Dijon at Panorama Bar. Left eventually about 2am, when Honey was just getting warmed up as was dead on my feet. amazing weekend, as ever and have had the usual google of Berlin job adverts this morning like a massive cliche.


Remember reading an interview with the Berghain owners about things they’d have done differently when they moved from Ostgut. One of them answered “better drainage”, with Snax in mind…


Ha! Sounds accurate.


Some good Black Friday deals on bandcamp. Just got the entire Bunker NYC catalogue for $49 (you get another 50% off with the discount code “bonkers” ).

30% off everything on Running Back too, discount code Blackmist.


Wilaris. K put out his first mini album recently. It’s impressive stuff.

FFO Jon Hopkins, Throwing Snow