Rolling Dance Whatever Thread 2018


Linked to the discussions above about least-favourite London clubs (and after having possibly my best clubbing experience ever at Bassiani in Tbilisi last week): what are everyone’s favourite clubs?

I love The Night Kitchen in Sheffield - still going strong despite ‘closing’ last year, although don’t think it’ll be around too much longer sadly.

It may not have the best sound every time, but always enjoy nights there because it’s fairly intimate (roughly 500 cap I think), has super friendly staff , it usually attracts a fairly diverse crowd due to the strength of the bookings, plus the interesting venue (old cutlery factory on three levels) means there’s plenty of different places to explore & sit when you’re in need of a break from the main rooms. One of the few places I end up staying till the bitter end almost every time.

Bassiani was on another level and totally blew me away. Wish all large clubs could be like this - sound and lights were incredible in both rooms, although it was pretty much a sell out it never felt cramped, and the energy from the crowd was something I’ve never experienced before. Party was still going strong at 5.30am when we had to bail due to tiredness (apparently it finished just after 11). All the DJs looked like they were having the time of their life, never seen so many smiles from the booth. It helps that they have a stunning venue, we spent a good half hour wandering round at the start and finding all sorts of hidden corridors, dark rooms, balconies, etc.


i haven’t been for years now but Wire in Leeds will always be my favourite club, for all the great experiences I had there with jimitheexploder when I was at uni - small club, great soundsystem, great atmosphere - it was just the best.


This looks pretty cool. Jasss was one of my favourite records last year, Giant Swan are fucking great live and Pan Dajing is pretty interesting too. Definitely up for that one


We’re going to Tbilisi later this year and really fancy Bassiani. Did you book tickets in advance? Bit apprehensive about doing that because their website asks for photo ID before you book(which is because of Georgia’s prehistoric anti-gay laws apparently) and my browser/antivirus threw up a bunch of warnings about the security of the site.

Absolutely love Shelter in Amsterdam and MMA in Munich, find continental clubbing generally has a much better vibe than over here (people there for the music, security a lot more relaxed). Shelter has lockers for your stuff as well which works way better than a cloakroom. Still have a real soft spot for Fabric even though the lineups have taken a bit of a dip since the re-opening. Not much compares to an early morning Villalobos session though.


Anyone been to a good club in Hamburg? Uebel & Gefährlich looks cool but very mixed reviews. I’ve heard the fishmarket is good for an afterparty on Sunday mornings…


Golden Pudel’s reopened hasn’t it? Haven’t been but by all accounts it’s Hamburg’s best spot.


Looks very cool, although probably hard to get in if it is so small. Will give it a try though!


Definitely go to Golden Pudel, such a fun club and it’s super easy to get in if you go early - don’t think they turned many (if any) people away that I saw when I went back in September. They’re way more inclusive than a lot of the Berlin clubs seem to be. They do a club mate cocktail (mixed with prosecco) which is a lethal combination.


Yeah me and my gf pre-registered with our driving license numbers and they checked it closely against our tickets when we went in. All seemed legit though, they apparently have police trying to get in every few weeks to find out what goes on so it’s just a way of screening people. Had to provide your Facebook profile too which initially seemed odd, the guy we rented an apartment from told us they do this to check you don’t seem like you’ll cause trouble/have links to the authorities etc.

Well worth registering if you can tbh, we paid £3 each for our tickets the week before instead of closer to £15 on the door. Also had just a handful of people in line ahead of us rather than the long queue for door tickets, and didn’t risk being turned away either (almost everyone seemed to be getting in anyway, but was hard to tell why the 1-2 who didn’t were denied).


Can also recommend KHIDI and Cafe Gallery by the way, both fun but very different to Bassiani. The food at CG was excellent too.


That’s good to know, cheers. Managed to get into House of Weekend in Berlin last time, but it was hard work!


Ha, I think that’s the one I went to. Do you have to take a lift to the top of a building? Walked around for ages trying to find it.


uh oh


Yep there was a lift. Pretty small room, great music, great crowd, large gin and tonics for 5 euros and an outdoor terrace where you could watch the sunrise over Berlin. One of the best nights out I’ve ever had.


Yep, that’s sounds like the one. Seemed like quite a young crowd though and I’m pretty old now so felt a bit out of place. Still stayed until about 6am though. Good place (if you can make it past the door staff).


Used to love Corsica but I haven’t been in years. Feels like they really over sell it now and when it’s busy its totally insufferable. But then I basically can’t stand clubs any bigger than 200 odd people these days.

Favorite London places at the moment are probably Five Miles and Low Profile Studios. Five Miles is pretty much perfect - amazing sound, no twats and great drinks. Only problem is it closes at four. And Low Profile, if you know, you know.

Also have plenty of time for the Lion and Lamb, again really good sound and cosy dance floor.

The Pickle Factory is great on paper - beefy yet precise sound and interesting line ups but it always seems kinda lacking in vibe.


Belting RA podcast from Sync24 - early naughties electro, great stuff.


Looks like a new The Field album is coming soonish


I don’t really listen to the field so much anymore but he was a huge gateway into dance music for me.

Even if he isn’t beloved of techno heads I think hes carved out a distinctive sound for himself


I’ve been on a bit of a minimal techno/microhouse tip recently. Been listening/going to see a lot of the ol’ Kompakt producers/DJs in particular. It’s certainly not particularly trendy but it’s where I started out with dance music and I’ve come full circle on it

I like the Field a fair bit. The last couple of albums didn’t really do much for me but I’ll definitely give this a listen.