Rolling Dance Whatever Thread 2018


Agreed about it being great gateway music, probably listened to Michael Mayer’s Fabric mix more than any of the others. Was sorely tempted by him and Kolsch playing all night last month but life got in the way.


I picked the wrong couple of weeks to leave the country and not check RA or any music news sites. Prince of Denmark/Traumprinz/Metatron would go and drop 2 new albums outta nowhere wouldn’t he:

Assume peeps have already given this a listen? Loads of well known unreleased belters on this, bit gutted it’s sold out now though and going for 100 euro on discogs, natch:

Managed to bag the more downtempo/ambient one which is really nice on first listen here:


Wish he’d just put out a CD on Warp or something tbh, sick of these discogs bait limited runs.

(Haven’t listened, obviously)


New Skee Mask out this month


Also just look at this lineup

Trying to find some way to make the logistics work that doesn’t involve being completely zombified at work on Monday.


Been listening to his most recent EP, so good




Just gotten round to listening to these - PMOD is the one currently grabbing me the most. It’s absolutely mesmerising! Possible AOTY contender right there. DJ Healer is sounding pretty awesome too. Reckon it’ll be a grower.


A handful of Georgian nightclubs were raided by armed police last night. Some of the videos and stories floating around are scary, 60+ people supposedly detained and excessive force used.

So sad to see this happen in clubs that were the main safe spaces in the country for some communities, really brings home the risks the club owners were taking and how important their work still is in challenging the authorities. Hope it can be resolved and everyone affected is safe, though given how strict the drug laws are it doesn’t sound like it will be easy.


End of an era. Sure they’ll keep doing online mixes, but still. Reckon most people of a certain age could credit some of Fabric’s mixes for getting them into dance music. Not got any interest in Sasha but will be interesting to see what they do for #100


Was confirmed a while back that number 100 will be mixed by Judy Griffith, Fabric’s talent booker and promotions manager. Despite the decline of the CD as a format it’s never felt as if the mixes have been on borrowed time and I’m glad they’re going on their own terms.

Favourites from the series? Michael Mayer, Shackleton, Levon Vincent and Kahn and Neek’s are up there for me but will need a longer think. Have been a subscriber since number 52, introduced me to so much good music.


Villalobos, Robert Hood and Optimo are all up there

Also that #100 is simultaneously nice and a bit disappointing to be honest


Yeah, can’t think of any way it wouldn’t disappoint tbh. Think it’s good that it’s someone with a long association with the club who isn’t one of the residents. Villalobos would have been a popular choice but you can’t really distill one of his Fabric sets into an 80 minute mix, and if he’d just done original material again it would have felt more like a new Villalobos record than a Fabric mix.


This mix is from a couple of years ago under his Traumprinz moniker - has a few PMOD tracks in the mix you’ll recognise:

Been rinsing PMOD at work via youtube, then DJ Healer at home in the evenings watching the sunset out the window, been pretty wonderful.

Both albums will be getting repressed apparently, am checking the website/Discogs for updates pretty much everyday to try and bag a PMOD :pray:


So this is fucking lovely then.


Yeah I am checking daily for that DJ Healer repress. Have sort of been obsessed with that album. That and Donato Dozzy- Cleo. Basically emotive dance music for the win!


This album is incredibly good. I’ve barely listened to anything else this week. Such amazing drum sounds!


It’s amazing. This and GAS are gonna keep mw going a while. Both AOTY contenders.


I think the DJ Healer album fully clicked for me the other day in a similar situation. It’s a beautiful record.


Skee Mask probably AOTY so far. It just flows so well, almost like a DJ set. It has a really classic feel without feeling like a rehash of 90s Warp stuff.

Forest Swords DJ Kicks is also pretty good, I really like the new song he included on it. Some of it feels a bit disjointed, but the bits that work, really work. Demdike Stare into Djrum is a heavenly moment.