Rolling Dance Whatever Thread 2018


So much this. (To both)

No filler whatsoever on Compro. It’s incredible how manages to flow through so many styles and tempos, nailing them all so seamlessly… and the last track - heavenly!


Some jazz act get remixed by Rival Consoles, Throwing Snow, Christian Löffler and Vessels.

It’s very good but most importantly, not very Jazz.


Really like this.


Anyone got any favourite mixes from the year so far? Feel like I’ve been neglecting this vital part of dance music what with all the good albums we’ve been getting. Eris Drew’s Her Damit podcast is very good, fun but emotive techno.


Sheffield’s No Bounds Festival line up has been announced, ridiculous amount of good stuff here for £30:


Couple of excellent mixes came out over the weekend:

Really been enjoying the new EP from Barker:

Plus new track from the forthcoming Pariah album bodes well:

And this set from Peach a few weeks ago is so good:


Not sure if it’s been mentioned already but the new Jacques Greene mixtape is rl good

Given the album was a little disappointing (although not without its charm) if this is the direction he’s going in for new material I could be into it.


That Timedance comp Patina Echoes is well good then.


Attach this to my veins


New Martyn and debut LP from Blawan out today. Looking forward to listening to both later on from the tracks released over the last few weeks.

Had the latest Surgeon, Luminosity Device, on the go for a while too and really enjoying it. A much more refined, listenable album than From Farthest Known Objects.


Blawan album sounding great - even the singing! Didn’t expect this to pop up on Spotify.

Really excited for the Martyn record too, will give that a go next.


Not heard Blawan yet but this is a banger. Glad he’s not gone down the chin-stroking bore of a “headphone listen” album route


Yeah, with you on this. Blawan has plenty of other outlets and aliases for exploring ‘home listening’ style records, this seems to be wall-to-wall bangers.

The Leon Vynehall LP is a decent example of this actually. As solid as the concept behind it is, it’s a huge disappointment musically for me given the promise of his previous records.


New Djrum tune is a bit massive


Yes it is!


New Red Axes is really, really good


yoooo feeling this:


4:05 tho


Yes. Very much yes.


I’ve been loving this in the heat. Lush Balearic vibes (in the chunky, dubby, Andrew Weatherall sense rather than the floaty acoustic guitar Alfredo sense), sat in a deckchair listening to it all afternoon.