Rolling Dance Whatever Thread 2018


The Quietus are putting on a killer birthday bash in September at everyone’s favourite venue Corscia Studios:


The new Max Cooper is a belter.


Great lineup but Perc at Corsica seems like simultaneously the best and worst combination of DJ and room. Just imagine being crammed in, unable to move while Perc kicks the shit out of your ears.

Also pleased to learn Blacknecks are still a thing. Four Cunts and a Badge is such a banger.


Love this


Saw Mor DJ at The Golden Pudel in Hamburg last month on my stag do, cracking set and a brilliant night.


Seen her a few times in London now and always been impressed, liking her latest couple of records.


The original was a great bit of techno but I absolutely love this remix.


Heard this on Gid’s show the other night and it sent me off down a rabbithole of his earlier stuff. Absolutely cracking and can’t wait for the new album.


Latest release on Disintegration State probably belongs in this thread. It’s actually my own, which makes this kinda post feel weird, but what can you do? First portion of the album leans more towards relatively laid back IDM, but the last three tracks pick up the pace with distorted techno on Irregular Apocalypse leading more into bright and spacey house/techno for the last couple.

Nicely packaged limited CD run via the ol’ Bandcamp as well :wink:


A couple more tracks from the new Helena Hauff if anyone’s interested:

Received my copy of the album last week and it’s wall to wall bangers, very strong contender for album of the year so far.


Went for my first proper experience of Jaded on Sunday morning, and had such a great time. Fewer than 50-60 people in total is such a revelation in Corsica. A super friendly atmosphere all day helped, the crowd were just going for it. Absolutely pummeling techno in both rooms, of course.

Vincent Neumann’s set was excellent, I’ve not often seen a DJ dancing along as much as he was and looking so happy, while dropping 135bpm monsters to no more than a dozen people. It’s likely to become a regular thing now with my group of clubbing pals, everyone was blown away by how different it was to the usual nights we go to.


A dozen people seems quite…sparse?

Been aware of Jaded for a while but never been, always knackered after the main event

Maybe I’ll try and get there soon




Have always fancied Jaded but imagine it would probably be a Sunday after sleep rather than Saturday after somewhere else sort of event. It’s a hard sell trying to find someone who wants to come and see Bas Mooy at 10am on a Sunday though.


This is what we did, after staying on from a night out once last year but not really enjoying it so not lasting long.

We got up, had a few drinks and arrived around 10.30am. Stayed till just before closing. Bit surreal but got used to it fairly quickly. Join us next time, honestly can’t recommend it enough!


Yeah there weren’t many people left at all by 2.30pm. A dozen max in the main room and maybe 20 in the smaller? Then a few scattered outside. It really didn’t matter though, energy was just as high from the crowd as if it were packed, and the DJs didn’t seem to mind at all.


Seriously good mix from Leah Floyeurs based on her Freero set. Was one of the highlights of the weekend.


Someone was giving out free wristbands outside VU back in May so me and a pal got the bus down after our main night out.
Was pretty good, but we kinda caught the tail end of the previous night/start of jaded and only stayed for a couple of hours because we were done in.
Wouldn’t mind giving it a proper crack, for the right lineup


Not sure if it falls into this thread or the ambient one but the Pariah album is just lovely.


Cannot wait for this album!