Rolling Dance Whatever Thread 2018


Been listening to this a lot:


A few things I’ve been listening to recently (warning: contains ebm)

Love the new DJ Richard. Brooding, intricate, tension and release.

The previous Betonkust was quite lush, almost balearic, these are just full blown ebm bangers

Think Phase Fatale has pretty much usurped his mentor Silent Servant now

There’s something gloriously unhinged and playful about I hate models. YOLO techno.


Saw Phase Fatale live a few days ago, so fucking good.


Anyone here go to Dekmantel over the weekend? Would be interested to hear people’s thoughts. First time there and had a thoroughly fun time, just about starting to recover fully now.

So difficult to pick highlights as nearly everything was good but here goes:

  • The Sunday was perfect. Helena Hauff closing the main stage in style, and the run prior to that across a few stages of Mama Snake & Solid Blake, Xosar, Regis & Veronica Vasicka, Voiski was spot on. Beaming all day long.
  • Randomer twice on Friday (UFO stage, then Boiler Room) - both sets full of bangers and really felt like the weekend was getting started
  • Really impressive live sets from Errorsmith, Phase Fatale, Gesloten Cirkel, and Karen Gwyer in the UFO II (despite it being tiny and hot as hell)
  • Finally getting to see Patrick Russell and DJ Bone
  • Stumbling across Jah Shaka on Sunday early afternoon, such a nice way to ease in the day
  • Not officially Dek, but De School on Saturday night (Dr Rubinstein, Roi Perez) was absolutely superb. That club is really something very special, and the sound system in the basement has to be heard to be believed.


  • Rodhad and DJ Nobu opening the UFO stage on Fri/Sat were both a bit flat, outshone by much of what followed them. Feel like they would’ve been more suited to later on in the day.
  • Overcrowding to get to Selectors stage for Lena Willikens on the Friday evening created a huge queue, we just gave up in the end and got food. That area in general was too small for the numbers trying to get in.
  • Amount of ‘lads on tour’ from the UK was pretty evident and big groups of them stumbling in to us everywhere got super irritating by the Saturday afternoon.
  • Official afterparties were disappointing. Call Super at Radion was good but the room too hot to stay for more than a short time. Shelter on Sunday had the worst crowd I’d experienced in a long time (Optimo pretty fun though).

All in all, really well put together festival with a near-perfect line up. Token system worked well for drinks and food, layout was easy to navigate (despite overcrowding mentioned above), sound was incredible on all stages nearly everywhere you stood. Definitely going back, will skip the official afters and just go to De School instead.


Always like the idea of Dekmantel and similar festivals (Houghton etc) but reckon I’d succumb to saminess fatigue over the course of 3 days and nights. Only so much 4/4 I could take in a day.


I sometimes get a bit jaded (pun intended?) even after several hours of one night

Kinda why I like those semi- dancey arty festivals like Rewire where you can go and see some chilled out ambient/alternative then go and let loose later in the day


Kind of feared the same - and it certainly was full on at times. There was a reasonable amount of variety and generally something a bit different on somewhere if it did get too much and we needed an escape.

Think the fact that the line up was so stacked helped in a way too, as by early evening we rarely stayed longer than for 45-60m of a set before moving on. If it was really good we’d see it out (Randomer, most live stuff) but generally making sure everyone saw what they wanted helped stave off death by kick drum.


Simple Things in Bristol is like this, with separate day and night programmes. Also mostly means you avoid the weird mid-afternoon techno experience (mostly, remember a confused looking DVS1 playing to a similarly confused dozen or so people at 4pm).


(He shat in a kettle in case you’re wondering)


much as i want to get the lolz in, if he’s doing like 150 shows a year mullered, he probably needs to get some help. hopefully this shambles will help him turn a corner. avicii showed the perils of endless partying on the road, as great bants as it might seem in the moment it’s unsustainable


A couple of years ago I was in Idle Hands and he came in. Overheard him talking to someone and he’s got one of those really rough smokers voices you expect to find on someone 30 years older, kind of like a Glaswegian Patty or Selma. Reckon some rest would do him the world of good.


Worth taking a look at this Twitter thread and other tweets they’ve made about JM and his previous behaviour. Seems like serious stuff:


Christ, had no idea it was anything more serious than the kettle thing. Haven’t heard any similar allegations in the past, wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was the sort of thing promoters swept under the rug though.


Final fabric live mix has been announced. Kode 9 and Burial!!


Oooft, great choice. Made that Kode9 hasn’t done one already tbh.


The bidecennial Burial photo



Very tempted by the 4-disc vinyl set…


having a continuous mix on vinyl seems a bit weird for some reason. possibly because it would be useless for DJing rather than any home listening issue

then again, i’d happily have the villalobos one on vinyl


It’s unmixed on vinyl


Then I cheerfully withdraw my objections