Rolling Dance Whatever Thread 2018


Just ordered the 4x LP set. Payday yesterday, couldn’t have come at a better time. Buzzed for this one.


and the truth comes out:


Depressing stuff. Be interested to see if his bookings take a hit for this - he’s the biggest name to have become embroiled in something like this, wonder if he’ll get the Ten Walls/Konstantin treatment.


You only have to glance through recent listings for both K and TW to see that they’re being booked pretty frequently still…there may have been an initial backlash, but after a few months promoters seem to very quickly forget.

Hope JM can get the help he needs in any case, and that no-one else has to suffer due to his actions in the future.


Just seen that Konstantin is still listed in RA’s Top 1000 DJs ffs.


Think both were blacklisted for a bit, just wondering if it’ll be the same for Jack seeing as he’s much more of a moneyspinner than either of the other two.

Just had a quick look at his RA page and it certainly looks more sparse than it usually does. His WHP is no longer being billed as a Mastermix night either…


True, yeah you’re probably right about a backlash.

I guess maybe his public apology and clarification etc might go some way to saving his rep in the long term so long as his actions follow through? Whether it should or not, I’m unsure. I also have a feeling more stories may surface with time…


Also this is obviously far more serious than TW and Konstantin too, so you’d hope there are more consequences and he’s not automatically welcomed back so openly, like the others seem to have been.


Not sure I’d say either Konstantin or TW have been welcomed back - I think both have burned their bridges with a lot of promoters and there was a lot of blowback when Krankbrother booked Konstantin as part of their Giegling showcase in April. Think it might be different for Jack because a lot of the promoters that book him do so with bottom line in mind because he can fill those big rooms in Ibiza.

In other news I’m currently on a train that’s full of exceptionally loud people and this mix is the only thing keeping me from murder suicide (plus it’s a suitably bassy warmup for Batu in Room One tonight):


Printworks new season announced:

17 Nov and 15 Dec look the most interesting, although lots of the same old names appearing. How expensive were tickets last time, anyone remember?


Just once I wish Omar S would play a normal sized club in London that isn’t XOYO. I didn’t go last year but tickets were between £20 and £40 depending on release.


Cheers, just grabbed a couple of tickets for Bicep on the Wednesday night. Been meaning to catch them for ages.


Really enjoying this at the moment, nice to see Tectonic doing more of that awesome unclassifiable bass music they do so well


Quite decent piece on EBM

EBM / Industrial Techno / whatever

Ah man I love early EBM - might binge on Front 242


Saw him at Phonox on one of the Sunday night sessions for a fiver last year, it was great (sorry).


First time at Five Miles on Sunday night, think someone recommended it in this thread a little while ago when talking about London clubs.

Cracking little place, excellent sound and truly lovely atmosphere all night. Ben Sims and Truncate b2b, love their unpretentious and fun way of playing ‘serious’ techno. Ended quite early (4am) but given it’s less than 30 minutes from my house by bus can’t complain.

The Cause and Grow have also both been good nights out on recent visits, that area of Tottenham has a lot going for it at the moment.


I’ve been to Grow a couple of times now and it’s pretty fun, very diy. Went to Adonis at the Cause, which was, um, interesting.

I think with all the venues shutting in Dalston (the alibi and TRC the latest ones to go) and the new Hackney restrictions, seems like Tottenham could pick up the slack.


Interesting how at the Cause…?

Yeah seems that way for sure - Five Miles is the same people as Alibi apparently too, so they seem to think it’s better to put their efforts in to this new place only, over keeping both open.


Great night at Chapter 10 on Sunday, as ever. They never announce the bill in advance as they like to keep the crowd majority gay/ queer and it’s always a good atmosphere. Wasn’t family with Virgina before but she smashed it.