Rolling darts thread

anyone else watching on BBC2?

that interview with Suljović just then, possibly the happiest i’ve ever seen a sportsperson in an interview, lovely stuff

bloody love darts

I’m watching. Taylor not the player he was. Looks to enjoy it more than he used to though.

wonderful bants from taylor in the last couple of legs

he’s done it!

so glad i watched it

who else is gonna watch loads of the world championship this month?

been highly enjoyable so far

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From my odd passing interest in darts, Van Gerwin wins everything

yeah he’s ridiculous as shown in terms of the rankings that he’s fucking miles ahead of anyone else

I like that Pipe bloke. Seems so modest and goofy

i wonder what his username is

enjoying watching this brazilian lad getting a bit emotional about what he’s done

tomorrow afternoon my housemate and i will be watching the darts and drinking, then pub in the evening for the football

gonna be lovely

Jamie Lewis, what a story and what a dominant performance


anyone else watching the final?

absolute scenes whatever the outcome

so one year on from Suljović’s win I am going to a live darts event for the first time and it’s the same competition (champions league of darts)

it’s in Brighton, this Saturday afternoon, me plus one of my housemates and @Garrardinho

we have a spare ticket available for £30, does anyone fancy joining us?