Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]

Should’ve started this earlier but whatever.


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Media asks for Gary Linekar to be fired because he dared express public sympathy for refugess (see also: Lily Allen)

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Sorry, gotta break your nochat rule here, as it’s better than starting a new thread for chat about this thread: This is all well and good but the last time I suggested something about UKIP (for example) was fascist I got a rap on the knuckles by the politics bros, so I’m not sure about joining in until we have a list of definitions about what is and isn’t fascism.

Topped with a TV presenter with an actual conviction for abuse.

Homeless people get fined for being homeless:

I think what happened, if you’re talking about the thing I think you are, is that people were a bit uneasy about the ‘I hope he dies’ stuff going round when Stephen Woolfe was taken to hospital, rather than saying that UKIP weren’t (proto-)fascist

No, there were definitely a couple of people trying to nit-pick over the idea that advocating fascist policies makes you a fascist.

Oh right, missed that, sorry eo

Yup, this is what Geoff said:

So Steven Woolfe is a fascist is he?

An ACTUAL fascist?

In response to me referencing fascist parties.

No wucks. It’s a fine line.

As far as Woolfe went, I felt like he was sufficiently high enough up in the party structure that yes, you could blend the party and the man.

I’m happy for this thread to stand (with all my powers!) For me, ‘rolling descent into fascism’ encompasses stories that, whilst not necessarily dictionary-definition fascist, are a sign of things lurching that way.

Dammit, don’t care so much whether or not any specific person ‘is’ or ‘is not’ a fascist.

More interested in creating a running archive of moments in British society where the public / overton window moves more towards fascism. If we really want specific definitions, this is a really good guide - Umberto Eco’s 14 fascist features:


Interesting, cheers for that.

I can’t express how angry I am about this, it’s not like he’s written the Little Red Book for fucks sake. Just common human decency.


“She knew precisely what she was doing”

Press watchdog IPSO clears Kelvin McArseface from inciting hatred, then one of its board members gloats about it in the very same paper.

Wait, did someone accidentally hold shift while hitting 4 and no editors pick it up, can’t see why there’d be a dollar sign in there on purpose


The Sun’s editors are too busy being the worst people in the country to notice things like that.


And no evidence was presented to support Steven Woolfe being an actual fascist either.

And besides that at least a partial appeal about using terms like ‘fascist’ to describe UKIP because I think it actually emboldens them, rather than exposing them. Think it’s important to be careful with language here, is all.

This is weird. Tabloid nutters are known for their excessive caps lock use - have they actually been pressing Shift the whole time? Do they not even know about caps lock?