Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


Been reading about the victims, Rose Mallinger was 97 so she was 18 when WW2 started - old enough to start truly comprehending the terrifying nature of what was happening


Well I for one feel comforted, can’t think of any reason to doubt the commitment to the cause…


take down of saps in western media who bought various lies. wonderful. this is the only journalism that matters tbh, shut down the guardian and bbc and shit. who cares. fuck it. those people don’t deserve their jobs.

Higgins, a doughy pinkish Midlands gamer



Bolsonaro’s won then


taking a break from reading the news for a while :frowning:


Pretty grim living in Brazil right now; especially in São Paulo, where almost everyone I know is pro-Bolsonaro (or at least anti-PT).


can’t imagine, man. stay safe.


Quote from a Bs supporter.

“I can see a better future for my son, better health, education and security, something we haven’t had for years,” he said. “This is phenomenal. It’s a unique feeling”

How bad is the backlash going to be when the exact opposite turns out to be the case? It’s going to get really ugly, I fear.


what can we do ? :cry:


just feel broken-hearted, every day seems like an inevitable step towards a horrible chilling future.

I hope Brazil has some strong institutions and checks and balances to resist some of the awful things he has been saying


What the fuck is wrong with the human race?


jesus fucking christ, i can barely think straight rn tbh


Well this one is really bad. For workers, for women, for minorities, and also for the amazon, where he’s gonna tear out protection and ramp up mining and agriculture. Terrifying for the whole world. Why are we moving in completely the opposite direction than we need to be at the most crucial time


could sit and ponder this for hours but i’d drive myself crazy. what the fuck is going on.


I know a lot of us suffer from anxiety and such. Everybody on DiS and out there reading please take care and make some time to recuperate mentally and look after yourself if you can. Many people out there who love you and want the world to move in a better more caring direction.

Of course it’s important to stay passionate and vigilant but be kind to yourselves too thanks


worth noting that brazilian politics is (if I remember correctly) way more fragmented than say, the US (tonnes of small parties that basically group together for elections), so perhaps there’s some scope for organised resistance on a judicial/legislative level.

idk though, really. trying to look for a positive going forward.


“Either they [left-wing politicians] go overseas, or they go to jail. These red outlaws will be banished from our homeland. It will be a cleanup the likes of which has never been seen in Brazilian history. We are the majority. We are the true Brazil. Together with this Brazilian people we will build a new nation.”

the guy is serious. this is happening in 2018.


Ask them how they can sleep at night when they write “X” on a piece of paper to put LGBT and indigenous Brazilian people’s lives at risk.


I wasn’t sure whether these should go in here, or as a continuation of the politics thread discussion:


:frowning: look after yourself
will be going to SP next year to visit the gf’s family. feel a bit weird about it now
hard to know how to support someone when there’s nothing you can say and she’s legitimately scared for the safety of some of her friends