Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


Reading ‘BJJ’ as Blowjob Jones and feeling slightly better about stuff.


Bolsonaro won in 97% of the richest cities in Brazil, Haddad in 98% of the poorest.


That timeline. Fucking hell. Seeing every event of the past five years laid out like that.


Wanted to get round to reading this later - it looks really interesting.


This is fucking depressing.

What the fuck do we do?


I guess one of the immediate things we can do is get in touch with Brazilian people you know just to say you’re here and send your solidarity. people will be really worried about it.

idk… some of the work I do is with human rights defenders in Latin America and stuff on free expression, privacy, helping activists stay safe from state surveillance etc. Brazil is just such a huge country that I dont know what we can do even in other Latin American countries. it’s so scary to think that we might soon have to be arguing for the government to give asylum to Brazilian people who are being persecuted, like we would have for people suffering under Pinochet.




Murderous, vicious, a stain on history or the well timed rise against spekky fours eyes. Pol Pot revisited


Really don’t know where to get news from nowadays - where do people here actually get information (don’t say Twitter, I fucking hate it and I can’t be bothered to find all the right people to follow because I’m right lazy)? I mean, this is disgusting, and the thing in the Guardian thread earlier about the synagogue shooting ‘balance’ piece just makes me despair.


Just saw this Facebook comment, thoughts?

I think the real problem is that conservative views are not very diverse but liberal views are. As a consequence a plethora of political groups, minorities, NGOs on the liberal side have been working towards their particular agendas but failed to find common ground that could unite them. While whales are being saved, speech is politically correct, gender issues are being addressed same sex marriages are being performed the different groups have fallen into a trap: they are fighting between themselves, dividing their forces, cheering small successes while big money and neoliberals are shaping the world on a much bigger scale. All the while your average Joe or Jane cannot relate to what they are told is supposed to be important. The crisis of division is the crisis of the left.


Liberal does not equal left.

The political “left” in the US are about as left as the tories


A lot of morons are parroting phrases like ‘overton window’ or ‘optics’ which they’ve heard from some alt right weapon


Harsh on Marckee tbh


There’s definitely a lot of infighting between different aspects of ‘the left’ and I’ve always thought it must surely put a lot of people off


the comment was posted in a brexit discussion group by a german

liberal vs fascism is the battle we’re in


State of this…


No it’s not.


I wasn’t sure where to post this, but this seemed the most appropriate thread

Rolling Places Where It's All Kicking Off Thread 2018

i think callout culture and public shaming of potential comrades when they slip up in terms of word choice or something are really bad and don’t help anybody except people trying to score points. like it should be enough to say here mate you fucked up there but instead we get that plus a protracted bout of woke grandstanding that turns people off. it’s relatively minor but i think it does contribute to a sense of the left as sometimes being prissy and moralistic.