Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


That’s coming from a properly liberal frame of reference (not just in the ‘invisibilising’ of socialism). Think the main problem with liberalism has always been its methodology - it’s always ahistorical, and necessarily so because to use a historical methodology is, firstly, a Marxist invention, and secondly a great way to expose the contradictions and hypocrisies of embedded liberalism. Instead it relies on things like ‘comparative analysis’, i.e. compartmentalising two phenomena (e.g. ‘the right’ and ‘the left’) and compartmentalising outcomes (‘successful’ and ‘not successful’) and trying to determine the cause of the outcome based on an analysis of current events (often quantitative data of something like… idk, how many people view x show when the topic is immigration vs when it’s about tax, or the voting patterns of people in scenarios where condition ‘x’ holds or whatever. Can’t be bothered to think of another example sorry).

Anyway ‘liberal’ views are diverse because liberalism is the politics of a kind of capitalism that recognises long-term profits are secured within a rights-based society (instead of fascism and… whatever the Tories are, which values short-term asset stripping and resource exhaustion over long-term profits), while socialism believes that a) a liberal rights based society is still barbaric, but mostly to the economic periphery, and b) it’s inherently unstable anyway and, without the strong presence of socialist agonism via the Trade Union movement and the existence of other left institutions, will always lead to authoritarianism. Liberalism is also not historically concerned with building any sort of united ‘movement’ because liberalism is already embedded in our political economy (although the people’s vote thing is the first sign of a movement of sorts in the UK).

I expect a lot of the division on the socialist left is historically as a result of interference from outside actors, including intelligence agencies, undercover cops etc. But that’s only possible when the movement is as small as it has been the past 3 or 4 decades.


Yeah but then it gave us this:


This is an interesting piece (and TBF I haven’t finished it yet) but I’m slightly uncomfortable with the sense of the narrative being “the internet is a cause here” and an implication that it could have been controlled and thus this sort of thing stopped.

I feel like the rise of the far right is more about spring back to inequality the 80s really started. That whole Baby Boomer’s pulled the ladder back after them point is central to the narrative, with well off people riding a wave of prosperity for a majority to allow them to avoid questioning how our attention to the poorest was completely removed.




“Both have vowed never to shop in Co-op again after the incident - but said a box of Roses could make amends.”


Wait why is this in the fascism thread?!


Used condoms wouldn’t fly out of a lucozade fridge in a communist utopia.


Think this belongs in the ‘Places where it’s all kicking off’ thread.


This is playing 5 or 6 times an hour right now during the breakfast news.



I wonder how long it takes for this horror show to start cropping up in western societies?


Ah nice to see my homeland representing in this thread…

Saw this a few days ago. I cant believe people in a developed country would stoop this low but here we are…


On the upside, they’ve got the decency to maintain the use of passengers rather than customers, which we’ve already lowered ourselves to accepting.


Kind of here already

I mean in the sense it seems like we don’t know fully how interconnected the Chinese system is but conversely I guess at least it is an open system for the population and they understand it’s there. In the UK it’s possible companies to do a lot of this sort of thing without us even knowing.

And of course, if you were to continually flaunt whatever rules the train companies had they could and would put you on a list of people they would refuse business too, AFAIK.




Nya ha!!!


wonder how much he charges for a booking these days? must be a “reduced rate”


Jesus christ.