Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


Oh look, people are being advised to not even take their phones when they try to cross to the US from Canada

If the person being questioned withdraws and walks away, that is currently legal. However, McDermott says, a new Canadian law, which gives U.S. officers more power during preclearance procedures, will change that. Bill C-23 was passed in December and is expected to come into effect soon.

“With the new law, as soon as you want to withdraw form the preclearance area, it actually allows the American border officials to start a whole new line of interrogation. They’re allowed to identify you, they get to question you for as long as they want until they are satisfied as to your reason for leaving that area. So we will be updating the handbook within the next month whenever that law comes into effect.”





For all that, I still feel guilty and ashamed of my cowardice and naïve belief that if we only kept talking something might bring him back. I retroactively recognized that his hate and racism were always present and that there was no purpose or benefit to our continued conversation. I had long been screaming into a human void.

this^^ needs screaming from rooftops and put on billboards everywhere


Only those safe from fascism and its practices are likely to think that there might be a benefit in exchanging ideas with fascists.

Good piece, articulates well the futility of the ‘marketplace of ideas’


Yeah, that’s a really good line. Well paid centrist and right leaning journalists see no problem ‘debating’ fascism, because it’s something that will never threaten them personally (or so they think).





Confused post must delete


I mean… there’s a lot going on in here!


The writer’s name gives it away.

It’s not that far off, though, unfortunately.


Ah fuck, have I been trolled?

*edit - I have been trolled.





still preferable to the talking toilet on Virgin trains


I think I used a self cleaning toilet earlier. it didn’t have a toilet seat which was really confusing. I tried to lift up the area where a seat should be but it was all toilet. Big drain on the floor Plus that exact button you press to open train doors.


messed up as this is, “reasonable grounds” was already pretty hazy territory


Not sure what you make of John Oliver on last week tonight. His delivery can irk but I still enjoy it. This piece nearly destroyed me.

Really bad bit is from like 1min 45s in and I would think carefully about watching if you’re a parent - onions being chopped everywhere.


Is this an ascent OUT of fascism?

I don’t really know enough about Polish politics, though.