Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


Obviously not on board with kicking anyone in the head, but the language this union guy is using is fucking chilling


Thought you were a Liverpool fan (mane-ederson jokes have probably passed their sell by date now haven’t they)


they have tasers and batons and pepper spray, why the fuck am i, an unarmed passerby, going to help an armed cop detain someone?


Obviously i make an exception for anyone from Manchester


ah, just realised this is a roundabout way of asking for guns again isn’t it


Surely the police have always told the public not to get involved, mainly cos they could get hurt. Plus if you start kicking a criminal that could open you up to assault charges.


‘“When I was a child, you didn’t dare blink at a police officer,” Marsh was quoted as saying at the time’

Ah, the good old days


exactly this. i don’t even know if the suspect has actually done anything wrong, i could end up punching someone who just nicked a tin of beans from asda to feed their kids. plus if you’re so far gone you’re willing to karate kick a police woman in the head, how far would you go against someone who doesn’t have a badge?


she defo gets kicked in like the hip area, no? how long is that run up.


“we will refuse to do the job we are paid, trained and equipped for unless random members of the public volunteer to put themselves in harms way for free”

Always thought of myself as being a pretty pro-union guy, but thats taking the piss.


‘Ideally we’d like masked vigilantes with high tech gadgets to do most of the leg work’


Ehhhh police unions are kind of a unique type of union, because ACAB. There’s nothing right wing about disagreeing with the pigs.


imagine the kind of prick who would help restrain a random perp without any contextual information, they all definitely voted brexit



prepare to die! :rofl:


I completely agree with the dystopian nastiness of this, but my neighbour is a PCSO who works on the railways in the Valleys, and some of the stories he tells are quite eye-opening; things like gangs of kids with knives threatening one or two of his colleagues, no back-up available because the nearest police are a valley over and half an hour away, and when they do have to restrain someone it’s very much a case of all the members of the public in the area crowding around with their phones out shouting about police brutality. I don’t think anyone right-headed wants cops with guns or unlimited powers, but some of the stuff they’re up against is pretty scary.


Does the salute have slightly less nazi-ish connotations in Spain cos of Franco?


nah, its still considered be fully fash. you just see it a lot more because people’s politics are for lack of a better word, generally more extreme here. might do a photo tour of political graffiti in Ourense one of these days - its quite illuminating when you pay attention to how much of it there is.


Like I said above, in general I don’t want to see violence against anyone, and doing any job where you put yourself in danger is a brave thing to do (doesn’t necessarily mean its a good thing to do but that’s a way bigger discussion), but my problem was with how this union twat framed it.


100 per cent, just wanted to get in with a bit of light and shade in the whole ‘kill the pigs’ bit - they’re certainly not all saints but they’re not all deserving of a shinning either.