Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]





Dr Ros Beck who told B&Q in her letter: “I am a private landlord who has known for some time that B&Q has been helping to fund Shelter. So far, I have chosen to ignore this unpalatable fact, but frankly I have had enough now.”

She says that Shelter claims to help people get housing: “Well, frankly, the only way they can do that is by persuading private landlords to take the risk of housing homeless people – as there is practically no social housing available for this purpose.

“In addition to allegedly helping people into housing we have also heard how they and others ‘help’ tenants remain in their housing by informing them that they can wait for the bailiffs in cases of eviction – a process which is ruinous and devastating for landlords.

“You might think that given the fact that we are the only housing providers in a position to help with homelessness that they would build positive relationships with us in order to facilitate this.

“They do not do this, however.

“Instead, they push a relentless anti private landlord agenda.

“I have asked that they rename themselves as they provide no shelter, whilst demonising those of us who do.”

dr ros beck is an actual sociopath




Jesus, if ever anyone was a good reason, on their own, to make property ownership illegal…


Feel p bad for anybody who has to rent from that mad bastard


Boycott Ros Beck



I’ve had some proper arsehole landlords in the past (who hasn’t?). But I reckon I can live with the concept of private landlords (and more easily if there were better protections for tenants).

These prick self-righteous landlords that think they’re some sort of saintly and indispensable provider of a social benefit that couldn’t possibly be provided any other way… can get tae absolute fuck.


being a buy to let landlord is always immoral


What’s a buy to let landlord as opposed to just a landlord? Curious


Live in landlords?


one using the rental income to pay off a buy to let mortgage…?


You have accidental landlords I guess as well (ie inheriting a property, or a couple moving in together and keeping one place to rent). Although I’ll admit there’s a fine line here.

Also “corporate” ones - councils, housing associations, charities, private sector rental companies


had this discussion before I think, but my parents are buy to let landlords… they let a couple of flats to new staff at the hospital they both work at… well below market rate and providing a particular service for (often immigrant) hospital workers… rolling contracts/furnished/landlord 2 miles down the road and not managed through a letting agency.

Is that immoral?


this is a black and white issue and your parents are tory monsters.



Yes because it changes the supply and demand of housing.

I personally believe that homeownership shouldn’t be allowed full stop so take my opinion how you want


Depends whether they ultimately sell the properties for a profit…


There’s an excellent book about modern Spain’s relationship with its past called Ghosts of Spain. Covers a lot of ground on why this stuff hasn’t been dealt with and is ripe for a return. Definitely worth a read:


I’m reading ^that at the moment. It’s very good :+1: