Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


I’m deeply uncomfortable with the Terror House as an example of whitewashing the Hungarian government’s complicity in heinous shit during WWII, especially within the context of Orban, so I reckon a piece talking about how great it is counts as rolling descent into fascism:

Also, this is a classic of the genre:


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I’m a fan


don’t know your parents and their situation but buying and renting out a flat below market rent is often still a source of income from rent and capital gains

most forms of investment are also immoral (including pension funds)


First thought : The American social construct for healthcare is evil and must not be exported to the rest of the world
Second thought: Really want to check out Minnesota’s number one station for classic rock.


haven’t read this yet, but the key thing to think about when you’re dissecting Spain post-Franco, is how quickly those at the top of power were keen to brush aside and ‘forget’ the atrocities committed under the regime. It’s worth remembering that Franco himself designated King Juan Carlos as his successor, and the two were great friends towards the end of the dictator’s life.

Personally speaking, I’ve also spoken to lots of family members about this, and it was basically - ‘oh franco is dead, these people are now saying we’re a democracy’. But little changed. The same people, or more accurately, the same sort of people, held onto positions of power, bureaucratic organs - highly corrupt, self serving, wildly inefficient- stayed the same (spain STILL has militarised police for instance), the army were left to their own devices, economic strategy didn’t change, and people were encouraged to simply forget and forgive everything that had happened while maintaining the status quo. The PP (Spanish tories), were, up until they died from old age recently, full of ex Falange members. Prime minister Aznar (late 90s - mid 00s) was a proud and paid up member of the Falange for instance.

By not psychologically dealing with it’s history under dictatorship, reforming central organisms of the state, and generally brushing everything under the carpet, we get to where we’re at now - groups of people who think bringing the dictatorship back would benefit Spain, and those, like me, who want radical change, even if that means dismantling the country. to borrow a term from that article, the ghosts of the dictatorship are still here - its pretty much the same country it was at the beginning of the 70s in many ways.

I’ve written this while eating lunch, so sorry if it doesn’t make much sense. Happy to answer any more questions though.


gone from the charts but not from our hearts!


Read this. Fine until this part

While Spain’s race to modernity has involved acquisition of these more baleful aspects of contemporary western life, Tremlett also depicts a nation with many enviable qualities, such as its new prosperity, its openness on matters of gender and sex, its passionate belief in community politics, the can-do sense of optimism and that Hispanic elan simply for enjoying life.

Spain is still intensely (outwardly) homophobic compared with say, the UK. For example, school curriculum is still heavily catholic, and I know of more than one person here who has been prohibited from revealing their sexuality in the workplace.


This is a great post, thanks.

Also, reminds me of this panel is from a Strontium Dog story from 2000AD, in the early 1980s, drawn by… yes, a Spanish artist. Always assumed it was just a very obvious piece of satire, and I’m sure that Spain is far from the only country where this happened, but thinking about those involved and the time period in a new light now…


More posts like this, please.

Good stuff.


Not sure if this is the right thread to post this, but found it fascinating and disturbing either way


So much disappointment here - both by the level that are racists (6% of Remain voters believe in Muslim replacement conspiracies?!?) and how few believe in aliens


What’s kind of interesting is this

"The most widespread conspiracy belief in the UK, shared by 44% of people, was that “even though we live in what’s called a democracy, a few people will always run things in this country anyway”

Believing we live in a largely plutocratic oligarchy is a conspiracy theory?


To be fair, if they can’t understand the concept of human beings from different places ‘coming over here’ and working on farms, how the hell are they going to wrap their heads around Venusians coming over here and dropping hints from orbit into the sleeping minds of mathematicians and philosophers for millennia?


Smells like that dreaded populism thing to me.


The guardian’s liberalism really has been on full display lately.


This seems like an extrodinarily and depressingly high number

‘ A striking 31% of leave voters believed that Muslim immigration was part of a wider plot to make Muslims the majority in Britain, a conspiracy theory that originated in French far-right circles that was known as the “great replacement”.’

Why on earth would anyone believe that? :confused:


Mistrust of authority was high in the UK, with 77% of people trusting journalists “not much” or “not at all”; 76% distrusting British government ministers; and 74% distrusting company bosses.



the guardian pathologising legitimate discontent is it