Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


I assume this is viral marketing for Minority Report 2


I’ve always said ISIS were a GBOL


It’s going to be this plus the Chinese data-stratified society thing. The huge inequality gap we’re seeing now? That’s going to be nothing once low-income people who cock up their benefit applications start getting downrated by Master Control. I know that sentence reads like total tinfoil-hattery, but it’s coming.


Don’t think this has been posted in any of the other threads - could go in the politics thread, the Brexit thread or the Trump thread, such are the joyous times we live in. Long-ish read but good/not too tinfoil hat:

Also it’s by ‘crazy cat woman’ Carole Cadwalladr :+1: (TM bastion of impartiality and out of work town crier Andrew Neil)


I think Michels might be a bit upset to hear this.


This is lovely


Stolen tbf :+1:


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Smart fascists are always working a grift of some kind - Alex Jones, Banks/Farage, most of the Trump administration, maga pundits (Ben Shapino, Tammy whatsherface). True believers who are in it only for the cause are as thick as mince though


Yer man looking like the reanimated corpse of Philip S. playing the role of Hunter S. there.


long story short, far right losers won more seats than expected in the Andalucian elections, and might ally with the PP, and people are really pissed.




earlier in the thread he makes a really good point about the fundamental incompatibility of NCSC as part of GCHQ - one is meant to promote cybersecurity (we can ask security for whom, of course) and the other is meant to promote surveillance (sometimes by promoting and exploiting vulnerabilities).

Australia’s new encryption law is similarly terrible


Really disappointed in Andalusia, thought they were better than that.

Think my friend (from Clitheroe) moved to Granada partly because of its history of being as far away from Vox’s politics as possible.


Opinions segregated from incorrectly titled thread:


Why I oughta…


In contrast, only 3 groups representing the far-right have been spied on. These do not include the National Front or English Defence League – the affiliated groups of the murderer of Jo Cox MP.

The juxtaposition between police approach to the left and right is based on ideology and bias: MI5, to this day, is mandated to protect ‘the Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism’ from subversion. The far-right are violent, bigoted and toxic by definition, but rather than subverting the UK establishment, form part of its fabric and history from Oswald Moseley to the occupation of Northern Ireland.


Only half joking when I say that that’s an extension of what I prattled on about in this post:

Normal is striving to be rich and own and consume. Normal is ruddy and gruddy and decent hardworking honest taxpaying families. Normal is white. Normal is male. Normal And you better watch the fuck out if you’re not ready to fall in line with that. Especially so if you even think about challenging it.


One of those is a bookshop that’s literally down the road from me ffs


Not that anyone should be surprised…


I know s*n writers are pretty mentally challenged by words in general, but they maybe shouldve looked up what ‘heartbreaking’ means seeing as how they are pretty clearly calling for it to happen again.