Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


TW: some grim shit in this article, inc. mutilation, flimsy legal defences


Properly disgusting. Also mass disorder won’t happen, have you seen the crowds leave protest get, they’re lucky if they get double figures.


That’s because the government panders to them and they’re the norm now. They’ve nothing to protest about really.


Nah the minority of brexit extremists hate May and think brexit will be stopped (hence the sun article) but the vast majority of people certainly don’t care enough to protest.


Apathy has long been the saviour of the British status quo - the more recent episodes of public unrest that that article documents, while significant, were hardly civil war, as much as it may have felt like it at the time. The Establishment is very good at thrusting discontent into the limelight to make it look too terrifying to back for the average citizen.


Yeah I said that to a Spanish colleague a while back, Brits are too apathetic certainly if their lives aren’t too disrupted.
Small scale protests, sure, a chance to get rid of immigrants subtley at the ballot box, why not, but mass protests in 10’s or 100’s of thousands smashing stuff and fighting the police? Not a chance.

If we brexit and the shelves are bare… much more likely.


They don’t want nor are counting on mass disorder. One or two mentally unstable people who soak themselves in this kind of poison all day? Sure.


Well they do mention riots and a ‘tsunami of rage’ which is what I’m referring too.

More terrorist plots? Def more likely. But we certainly shouldn’t let the fear of those stop us from preventing the disaster of brexit. That’s what they want.


Tommy Robinson starting a fundraiser for that boy who bullied a Syrian refugee in that video last week. Claiming he and his family are the real victims who have been " made refugees in their own country". Just surreal.


Beyond parody


…and dangerous for the bully also


Holy shit

I didn’t realise Helen Lewis had become so unhinged, TBH.


my word


She’s a Fabian Society terf who recently did an interview with Jordan Peterson, the absolute epitome of the liberal commentariat. Like all good members of said clique, she also bears grudges.


Yeah it seems really weird that maybe only 6 years ago (?) she seemed like a decent leftist journalist to me. WTH.


Think I’m going to have to read a Jordan Peterson book just so I can counter people saying I need to actually have read his books to criticise him with ‘I have, and unsurprisingly he writes garbage as well as speaking it’


At least you’d be reading it with an open mind!


He has closed my mind with the things he has said though, it is just really irksome when people say you need to read him to give him a fair shot when ive seen him spew so much nonsense, I know they are not equivalent but I know I don’t need to read tommy robinson’s book either to criticise him, can judge people by what they say


Fully agree with you on this.


jordan peterson has a remarkable ability use a lot of words to say absolutely nothing