Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


My friend the other day said peterson puts people’s unchallenged ideologies under a critical light, my response was that his main playbook seems to be ‘pretend the people he opposes support murdering dictatorships’. I don’t think no matter how long his book, that there is any combination of words that can make the case that women’s marchs are for a ‘muderous equality doctrine’ or that transrights activists are Maoist. Could be wrong though, will report back after reading


at least you get enjoy his completely batshit ‘graphs’
man manages to be totally unhinged and incredibly fucking dull simultaneously, which is quite a feat


Just listen to the chapo review of his book


Might annotate and blog it on Facebook as I go, try and turn around some jeep sympathisers in my midsts


You could, but save yourself some time and watch PZ Myers, Contrapoints, or Three Arrows youtube channels for the best takedowns I’ve seen.

This is a man who said without religion we’d lose “the metaphysical substrate”, and that Muslim women secretly desire to be dominated by men, and ancient Chinese mythological art predicted DNA.



I’ve watched the contrapoints, and three arrows and loads of other decent youtubers (Shaun is really good too can’t remember if he tackles him), read loads of pieces about him, have a couple of sociology degrees so can see myself how badly he mischaracterised some stuff, so I think I have a good handle on him, only want to read him so I can counter ‘you haven’t read him though’ with I have though. Will steal the book though


You have a sociology degree?? you are an evil millionaire filling the heads of children with dangerous cultural Marxist ideas.

I am not exaggerating, this is literally a video he did for PragerU.


The friend I’m arguing with about Peterson also has one, might tell him what Peterson thinks of him.

Watched this the other day


“keep in mind that lobsters, technically do not have brains”


i got into it with someone i went to college with on insta the other day. this guy lives in thailand and thinks he’s a bit of an intellectual, spiritual orwell type free thinker. he thinks jordan peterson is great. this is what he sent me when i told him i think his brain and jordan Peterson’s brain are garbage and he should find better idols. why do all these Logic dipshits write in 1930s style prose.

not for nothing but he also parrots chris hitchens arguments from youtube vids, thinks sam harris is a great thinker, and i found out yesterday he’s been accused of sexual harassment by at least 1 woman in thailand. he’s 30 years old ffs. there is a correlation there.


Tell him to go back to speaking olde tyme English then.


The simplstons…


IPites are Identity Politics people i think. i asked him to explain how they are a massive threat to the west and all he could give me were using different pronouns. these Reason and Logic arseholes are all fucking idiots and somehow they’re winning atm.


Weird how the people who have decided that context and identity are irrelevant are all straight white cis men innit


Clearly just better at thinking than everyone else, I suppose


Why can these people never properly separate their clauses? If you’re intending to present as smart you might want to actually do some learning first.

[Yes, I am aware I have split an infinitive, if it’s good enough for Star Trek it’s good enough for me]


Oddly that reminds me about the fiftieth anniversary of Kirk kissing Uhura, but somehow seems like we haven’t come all that far


When to dinner once with my former housemate once and he rolled out ‘scientists have proven black people have lower IQ’ because he listened to Sam Harris’ podcast with Charles Murray. Because I knew a lot about Murray I was able to give quite an informed challenge for once, my housemate got all agitated and weirdly turned it into an argument about Sam Harris’ honour, he just kept smugly shaking his head and accused me of reading ‘neo marxist’ websites, needless to say I wrote off my housemate in that instance (he was on thin ice) and am in the process of taking him to court.


seems a fair response.


…like DiS!