Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


Bad term though isn’t it, think there are some valid uses of it, but he very much meant it in the cultural Marxism paranoid conspiracy sense


I’m only having a bit of fun, tbh.



Yeah I know, i’m not beeving, it is just I do spend time on left leaning websites, that would be a valid observation of his, but he was way more extreme than that. I was trying to explain the problems with Murray, his methods, lack of peer review, the white nationalist pro-eugenics funding, all learnt from completely reputable sources, and he was just smugly dismissing everything I was saying as neo-marxist disinformation. Think people like Peterson are responsbile for stuff like this, undermining universties and other establishments with the idea of some shady marxists discguised as postmodernists are secretly plotting the downfall of the west, even though Peterson isnt overtly white nationalist he sure helps their argument


Yep this is spot on.




“This is yr first sanction, so we’re going to extend it for an extra week.”



don’t even know where to start with this, jfc


this is so cruel


Am I reading it right, over £1000 lost in benefits due to one call??


Anybody who votes for the Tories is responsible for shit like this.


Shit like this makes me absolutely terrified for what happens if I get switched from ESA to UC. Have been in tears before thinking about it.


Evil Seam Adams won’t let that happen.


idk where else to post this so


fucking hell, burn it all down


Love to live in a democracy


Would have been able to tell you something’s not right just by standing outside.

There ain’t a legit “Centre of Creativity & Design” in this world that would resort to having their logo and signage use Papyrus - the go-to font so beloved of local family-run cafes and craft fair soap-makers.


My anecdotal response to this is that I said that Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider film was clearly shit based on the trailers and the people online would claim you can’t write a film off and you have to see it, so I rented out the DVD…and it was every bit as shit as I had been able to guess from the trailers and other evidence.

So the tl;dr answer is it’s bollocks you need to read his book to counter people.


Truly the Comic Sans of this decade.