Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


It seems to be the same people harassing both. Some guy who sees himself as another Tommy Robinson who’s trying to make the yellow vest UK thing his and get a media profile/some bunse out of it, followed by a small band of union jack carrying goons. It’s a quick and dirty way to become a political social media star.


There’s a good thread on them here:

I’ve got a horrible feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of these bellends.


Cem Özdemir of the Green party tweeted that he hoped the perpetrators would soon be caught and tried. “Even towards the AfD there is no justification for violence,” he wrote. “Whoever fights hatred with hatred ultimately allows hatred to win.”

hating nazis means nazis win lol what a coward


Pretty galaxy brained take considering which country this happened in.




That pipeline was all the news was about over there (interspersed with ice hockey). Because it’s so long and destructive it’s been mired in provincial politics for years. Guessing socks nerd considers it a win it’s finally going ahead. Fucking hate the man.


Haven’t kept up with this thread because it made me very sad, so apologies if this has been covered.

It’s so concerning how readily algorithms are being manipulated to make this fash stuff visible to those not seeking it out. I use youtube occasionally in work, I signed out of my account the other day so the recommendations were reset. Since then, I’ve searched for a couple of things - Peter O’Hanrahah-Hanrahan videos, Alan Partridge clips, a couple of music videos. I noticed the top recommendation on any video I was watching was the Jordan Peterson clip with that Cathy Newman. The next time it was “Jacob Rees Mogg DESTROYS Student…”. The recommendations couldn’t be dismissed because I wasn’t signed in.

Now, I’ve just watched a Dolly Parton video IN INCOGNITO MODE, and look what’s there:

They’re all of the same bent: Man being questioned by idiot woman, look how calmly he dismantles her argument. It’s fucked!


they will not change it either because they know so much of that platform is kept afloat by alt-right content


I keep seeing videos in the side bar from from a channel called Charisma on Command which seem to support Jordan Peterson and Ben Shaprio, despite my viewing habits being totally unrelated to those subjects.


I’m so glad it’s not just me being recommended these sort of things…

Obviously no one should be… but thought I’d watched something wrong :sweat_smile:


Someone’s already said it on DiS recently, but I get the feeling something is gonna happen to Owen Jones that is not good



Confirmed dead according to the BBC.



what do we make of this


I know we don’t have all the circumstances yet but I would be quite surprised if this had nothing to do with him being a known supporter of refugees, LGBT rights etc. He’s been attacked by the far right so much. I really hope this isn’t one of those cases where it’s made out like he just had mental health problems. The man who murdered Jo Cox had mental health problems. I have mental health problems.


seems to be a recurring defence of far right killers. dylan roof had an insanity plea all ready to go until those activists found his blog and manifesto iirc.


I remember at the time after Elliott Roger went on his killing spree, quite a few people on here questioned whether it was really cause of misogyny, despite his extensive detailing of his exact motive.


iirc weren’t they trying to find ways to prosecute journalists for the PP revelations over here? i remember they sent headbreakers after the guardian and glenn greenwald’s partner when they released the snowden docs, at any rate.