Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]

Luckily it seems they’ve all been identified. Seems ‘Identity Evropa’ has warped into this new shithousery.

Off to Estonia next week so I’ve been scanning news over there. It seems an incredibly racist, incredibly homophobic far-right party has just got into Government as the second-largest of a three party coalition. :pensive:

What do we want? An unaccountable army

When do we want it? Now!

(Did you know the British army only swears alligance to the Queen, not parliament or the people)

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Worked fine for the unsullied


Genuinely stunning turn of phrase.


Killing indiscriminately didn’t play well with the focus group I guess

Use of facial recognition tech ‘dangerously irresponsible’

GOP winding up for the final assault on abortion rights

Best not incite hatred against the people inciting hatred, it might lead to hate :thinking:

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This is eugenics

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It’s like they’re trying to make themselves into cartoon villains.

Opened my phone and it was 88%. Had a sudden thought that Nazis probably treat 88 like we treat 69, screenshotting their battery on 88% and posting it round their mates or snapping 88 on streetsigns.



The ‘claiming’ of Brad Pitt as a ‘mascot’ thing is weird, unless I’ve missed something.

Newsflash: People who voluntarily sign up to shoot people want to shoot people


ya but it’s of a piece with the tommy robinson selfie and that isn’t it. they’re not even pretending it’s about muh freedom when they think it’s just them and the lads having a chat in a forum.