Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]

It’s probably not even retaliation so much as it is intimidation of anyone else who might be thinking of doing the same in future. Really awful.


How fucking thick/callous and deliberately ignorant to not see childcare and swimming lessons = less people drowning.

The quiet part is if those people try to come here, they deserve to drown.

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Really wish I lived in a place where that was a “quiet part”.

you’re right. shot in the mouth…it’s like those symbolic mafia murders isn’t it…fucking hell, what is happening.

2 people have been shot dead outside a synagogue in Halle, Germany. It’s Yom Kippur

germany has a truly terrifying nazi movement and it seems to have infiltrated multiple public bodies, too, like the police

if she gets to deliver this evil empty headed monologue and from atop her 400 million dollar fortune its only fair people should be allowed to include background photographs of the suffering caused by the man she calls a friend

not hard to imagine trump being similarly rehabilitated during the reign of president baron

(she’s trying to get this video taken down btw)

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James Corden yucking it up with Donald’s cryogenic head jar on a human face forever, probably at a Pats game



i’m so angry after today, it’s a world of shit isn’t it. 2020 is going to suck so much.


Oh yeah, 2020’s going to be a big bin fire inside a bin that’s on fire


Really makes me angry watching her act like it’s fine to be friends with people who are that evil. The fuck is wrong with her.

(And yes, Ellen, I did actually notice it was the new iPhone 11 you were holding but strangely this was fairly low on my list of things to give a shit about.)


Nice little bit of sponcon from Ellen there in her big old hug-in with Dubya, got to monetise every angle, guys

Why the fuck is everyone just laughing along with her? Sakes


Loosely fits in here on a one-rule-for-the-rich-one-for-the-poor technicality:


astonishing opening para. just truly grade A stuff


That is so unbelievably fucked

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That is also so unbelievably fucked. Rich white people, fuck off