Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]

Probably the wrong thread, but I opened a betting account yesterday and one of the compulsory questions you have to answer is name of employer. Thought that was a bit weird, so looked through the T&C and spotted this also…

Is that normal/legal - barring people if they’re found to have depression? Maybe I’m looking at it from the wrong angle and it’s intended to protect the user? Ever encountered anything like that before?

I expect they’re worried about getting bad press or sued for exploiting the symptoms of someone’s illness, say if someone with a condition that affects their decision-making loses all their money and it gets out that [company] has nothing in place to stop mentally ill or impaired people from doing that. I suppose it’s the kind of thing that they’d only find out in the event of someone trying to sue them, where they’d be investigating the person.


@bugduv if it weren’t the gambling industry I’d say its actually a responsible thing to do, given that decision-making capability is sort of essential in gambling ‘safely’ and a lack of it can lead to extreme problems, so it would be protective. But given that its the gambling industry I agree they’re 100% just covering their own butts

I think it’s to comply with the Gambling Act of 2005 - vulnerable persons have to be protected.

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New British passport: +1 respect


you need to gouge ‘european union’ into it with a compass


Looks weird to have BRITISH PASSPORT at the top as well as the full formal country name at the bottom.

Should obviously just say PASSPORT if you’re gonna have the country at the bottom.

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Can’t go anywhere else with it, so BRITISH PASSPORT is most accurate :grimacing:


At a guess it might be due to the British Overseas Citizen thing? Does seem weird though

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But it’s BRITISH, m9. That means it’s better and everyone needs to know that.


And you can’t spell BRITISH without SHIT

SHIT RIB. Even more superfluous than a spare rib.


Actually not sure tbh


Definitely not B, that’s just an excuse pinkos will try and use for not wearing a fucking poppy

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I would argue all of them, with the qualifier that B refers only to members of the Conservative Party.

Not sure where to post this -

Must be completed by 6th May!


This is extremely worrying. 49% would support a military coup?!

The older retired officers – like Martinez, 72, and Piquemal, 80 – are haunted by memories of the 1940 French surrender to the Nazis

Still this weird boomer belief that all “old” people fought in the war and were profoundly impacted by it, even though these generals were literally not born when the surrender happened. I mean, I get it, I tend to use 2000 as a convenient yardstick for measuring dates (the sixties? Oh yeah, like 40 years ago) but we can’t all pretend we’re in the 1990s forever.


Rewriting history now