Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]

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This is fucked. The preview is for One Britain One Nation.

That acronym needs more monarchy. Suggest we tack on ER at the end


Obviously this sort of nationalist jingoism is fucking terrible but at least there is some wording on the homepage about inclusivity and extending that to immigrants too.

Still fucking mad that kids are singing about this in primary schools though.


Teaching “British values” has been a compulsory element of schools for a few years now. My daughter’s nursery has a display about it, though it’s less flags and more just buzzwords like respect and diversity.

The anthem in question is bad enough that it makes me want to renounce all music based on its artistic merits alone, before we even get to the fascism. 'Kinell

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I’m studying for a diploma in my spare time and as it’s government funded and it’s an Ofsted thing there are questions on British Values. The core of it is actually normal and quite reasonable stuff about individual liberty, democracy, etc. etc. but I can see how it can be warped [just the phrase rings alarm bells] and hijacked into something jingoistic. (Just looked it up and it’s Democracy, Rule of Law, Respect and Tolerance, Individual Liberty). We also have to learn about safeguarding as well.

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Rather than accept the decision and choose another candidate who was approved, ministers have instead decided to start the process from scratch, allowing Dacre a second chance at the job.

If at first your dodgy mate doesn’t succeed, try try again.


He probably got promised the job in return for a favour that’s already been given


The Endless Frontier Act.

Best Deerhunter album, imho.

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There was a video on twitter of two young lads just pulling the fence apart and then loads of people rushing into the bandstand. Heroes imo


Facism because DCC hates people who live in the city

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Julian Assange is trending on Twitter again. An absolute garbage human in my view, but equally it does seem like properly fascist behaviour from the UK government. He’s STILL in jail due to the US appealing for extradition and the like. Fucked up.

Our primary school have scheduled an INSET day, take that OBON, right up ye

There is however a non-school uniform day in the calendar to celebrate the UNCRC, which is much more appropriate.