Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]

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Don’t really know where to put this

Staff working in children’s prisons are to be banned from using techniques that deliberately cause pain, except in emergency scenarios to save life or to prevent life-changing injury.

But it’s absolutely incredible to me that this^ is a sentence that can be written in 2023. What the fuck is wrong with this country?

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It’s no fucking wonder things like prisons and police attract awful people when they’re legally allowed to do this kind of thing.


also wasn’t entirely sure where to put this

hard to get a sense of scale, but basically a prison the height of the Statue of Liberty being plonked right into Chinatown … hard to even imagine for me. But lots of interesting stuff about Rikers too, and how that’s clearly not fit for purpose, no locals are fighting the plans on that front etc.

Just, sad and engrossing all at once

It’s even harder to get a sense of scale when the Guardian’s graphic is way out, too.

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tbf this looks like something out of robocop :smiley:


still trying to get my head around some of this, as to whether its always been the case… why it would be too, for some stuff you’d want to protect the jurors - and if they’re just applying the laws heavy handedily/misappropriately… just seems… bad…

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Was going to post this story here…



I think this should display properly

‘Anti social behaviour’ such as people socialising in the park, is that?

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That park was only refurbished about five years ago :clown_face:

Look mate, we can’t have people enjoying this green open space.


i reckon throwing stones at the local police station is probably as much fun as ping pong

They preemptively closed the police station which was opposite park a few years ago. Clever girls…


and it’s now some mega posh deli. probably half the problem here unfortunately.

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Why bother when Sophocles Greek bakery is right next door :woman_shrugging:

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They let that shit happen lol.

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