Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]

So it seems the FBI has form for entrapping people and in the process actively aiding and facilitating terrorism in the US. This always seems to lead to bigger budgets and more hands off oversight. That is the most generous interpretation of what happened. But I believe it was the FBI who also put a thumb on the scale for Trump back in 2016 too so…

I am thinking here of how the Central Intelligence Agency made up Havana Syndrome and paid journalists to pretend it was real, which meant Congress authorised the Havana Syndrome medical care thing for agents and they got a bigger budget to protect against HS, and then once they had the cash the CIA turned around and said oh, wait, Havana Syndrome is fake. We are keeping the money however. Hehe, very good hustling.

Also they can just be members of the Klan, or QAnon, they do not have to be undercover because they are not really interested in busting them.

Havana Syndrome was such a lazy and blatant hustle that it begged the question why even bother? Since JFK elected officials have known what the score is with the intelligence sphere. Just go up to them and say hey we want better healthcare and larger budgets. No you may not know the reason why.

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I like the idea of getting wacky with it though, and then your fake illness causes mass hysteria in the rank and file so they start reporting symptoms. I would be pretty pleased with myself if I got people to buy in that much.

Initially read that as dfs agents and wondered what on earth were they doing trying to sell sofas at that time


I sometimes suspect our leaders feel guilty about winning the war

Finally deleted Twitter off my phone after seeing how many people in the “For you” tab were responding to Matt Christman’s “genocide or redistribution” rant with “I choose genocide lol”


I am still processing that a major western parliament gave a standing ovation to a man who fought against the allies and described his time doing so as “the happiest years of my life”. I have seen so many leftist goofballs in the last couple of days casually advocating double genocide theory by way of defending this horror, sucking their own balls over how objective and nuanced they are about this story. Appalling. The Spider Network is real and it is completing a long march through the institutions.

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What is The Spider Network? Google brings up a book about a fraud case?

I only heard about it recently too!

The fallout from the Canadian Parliament’s Milkshake Ducking has begun.


Been said here but how did no one clock the obvious meaning of the phrase ‘fought against the Russians’ in WW2


deliberate causing of pain to children in prisons OUT
pepper spray on children in prisons IN

Fucking hell. Eye opening read - stun grenades and dogs already used?!

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yeah :frowning:

I posted a link about Secure Schools a while back - the idea of school academy chains also being responsible / having the power to do this kind of shit is shocking


and another link

Completely missed it, actually shocked. Always thought the academy trust system was an insidious step for education, but this is something else


Its not fascism but it’s a display of evil vandalism and I didn’t know where else to post it

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Who the fuck would do that?


This has made me disproportionately sad and I hate it, and fuck whoever did this.


Must’ve taken a not insignificant amount of planning and effort to do that. Man.