Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]

Yeah, i saw it on the news this morning and it proper made me sad. Just a horrible pointless thing to plan and do

Having witnessed the fallout of the Hunka thing and how many apparent leftists have decided some nazis are only bad some of the time, and seeing many saps argue that talking about this story helps Russia somehow, I have a very doomy feeling. And then come to find Germany is At It. Bad news.

This politico article is wild

No not everyone who fought against the USSR were Nazi’s but SS members definitely were.


The last paragraph is very telling isn’t it

It’s true that Hunka should never have been invited into Canada’s House of Commons. But that’s not because he himself might be guilty of any crime. Rightly or wrongly, on an issue so toxic, it was inevitable the invitation would provide a golden opportunity for Russian propaganda.

gotta protect the optics

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Think this is part of a wider push that’s been going on for some time to whitewash the legacy of pretty much every Nazi until they are all tragic heroes that were simply fighting back communism/Russia. Canada’s always been at the forefront of that effort tbf.

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“Oi you got a license for that copy of ‘A Conquest of Bread’?”

Wow, so on the one side of things only “extreme right-wing terrorist ideology” qualifies, and on the other it’s merely “left-wing”? I’d complain to them about this, but that would only demonstrate my grievance narrative, and probably get me arrested.


The Home Office has been forced by campaigners to release its Equality Impact Assessment from when Priti Patel removed safeguards on stop and search in 2021. Unsurprisingly, the assessment found the change would lead to an increase in discriminatory stop-and-searches of Black people:

the government of Scotland as extremists, as I always suspected


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The Times is a serious newspaper that should be taken seriously

The actual piece is terrible, though not quite as extreme as that title might suggest. But still, printing that, in ‘the newspaper of record’.

The Times and Sunday Times has done more to launder far-right talking points into the political mainstream in the past decade or so than any other paper, imho.


A case in point from today’s paper

what these doofs don’t realise is that it is very likely that the principle of non-refoulement has acquired jus cogens status :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Bit like saying the principle of ‘being kind to others’ belongs in the distant past


I can’t remember why I think Matthew Syed’s a cunt (before reading that I mean). Sure he went massively dodgy on something else but the internet isn’t helping.

I can’t wait for the first right wing nutbag to refer to the teachings of Jesus as woke tbh.