Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]



I really don’t like this fixation and obsession with America that just seems to be getting worse, but when you read stuff like this…

That really hit home. Just imagine…



This thread guys

Trump has held a White House press event to highlight the ’crimes commited by immigrants’

Sounds bad enough but …

He has family members holding up pictures of their loved ones who have been ’murdered by immigrants’

Pure hate propaganda

But guess what, Trump has SIGNED the pictures of their murdered relatives, literally autographed them

Holy fucking christ the guy is insane & his Govt is psychopathic


Are we in freefall? That’s what it feels like.


Everyone keeps saying it but it keeps being true - just when you think he’s done the worst thing possible (either morally or in terms of optics) he someone manages to go a step further.


Did you check the whole thread? It is beyond…

We’re just not prepared for this level of insanity


Yeah, it’s horrifying. As is pretty much everything in this thread, which seems to have really gathered steam lately in a really worrying way.


Love the guy whose joke response was “this is unfair, you have to watch his three hour lecture first” only to discover a serious Peterson fan had posted that exact same thing.


Cool, glad we’ve established why a dedicated Jordan Peterson thread was bullshit, particularly all those people claiming it gave loads of good stuff to counteract his fans with. I mean given you’ve claimed up thread you’re not a fan and yet still dismiss all these good rebuttals…



You do realize that I was not one of those people, so nothing I say can make their viewpoints bullshit.

And also, I don’t know of anywhere previously where I’ve claimed not to like the guy. (I have said that I don’t love him). I’ve been pretty clear that I like a lot of what he has to say, and I find value in it, and I find him compelling. So, I don’t really know what you are talking about here


Okay cool.

If you’re now making some weird “I don’t love him but that doesn’t mean I don’t like him” semantic call I don’t really have much to say.

Whether you personally reckoned evidence against him was a worthwhile point of the separate thread this was raised as a particular reason for having a separate thread which is why I said what I said.


There’s a pretty clear difference between love and like, mate. It’s not some complicated semantic game I’m playing.

For all the other people saying that having evidence to combat him was a worthwhile point of continuing the separate thread, that still stands.


Well clearly not given your reaction was to dismiss that evidence against him.


I think using the term ‘evidence’ to refer to that string of tweets is a bit strong.

Regardless, you seem to have it in your head that I’m am awful, fascist-sympathising person, and I think that’s making it hard for us to discuss the topic in a way that either of us are enlightened by the conversation. Have a good day!


I think Theo was referring to the raft of links and articles and evidence posted in the other thread (now merged into this one), that 1. Pretty comprehensively debunks a lot of what Peterson says, and 2. Demonstrate that he is pushing fascist ideas.


Are people on here still defending JBP as some sort of “free speech defender” ??


I think @1101010 has just noticed you repeatedly ignoring the things you’ve been asking for.

At one point, you were shown a direct quote of him suggesting that enforced monogamy is the best way to deal with sexual assault.

You went “oh i hadn’t seen that, I assumed he couldn’t have actually said that.” And then you moved on and went back to saying “people keep trying to refute his points but are giving me no evidence.”

The difference between you, then, and say Theo and I, is that when we read someone saying something as utterly fucking wrong as that, we understand that from a birds-eye view this man is trash.


Or to put it another way: you seem to have a ginormous tolerance threshold for toxic statements that he (and i assume therefore others) has made that are without question offensive on a grand scale, and are happy to put those aside to debate other aspects of his rhetoric.

A lot of us view that as enabling/apologising for fascism. That’s where we’re at right now.


Yeah, I see where you’re coming from. Since saying that I hadn’t seen that quote though, I’ve read his explanation of what he meant and I don’t believe that he means what people have assumed he means.

So I haven’t ignored what I’ve asked for, I’ve read it and explored it, but not found it conclusive. There are plenty of things of value that I’ve read in the links from the old thread, and it’s helping me to see the viewpoint of people who are opposed to him.

I can see how you and others have come to a certain view of me, but clearly I know my wider views and can put my interest in him in that wider context.