Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


75,000 !


Seem to remember a story about a year ago about the Chinese Police using something similar and the British media being shocked by it. Obviously if it’s used in the UK that’s fine of course…


This is a start. Now can they please lobby against carrier sanctions. If we go on holiday to Turkey or Morocco there’s a reason why there are only tourists boarding the flight home and no refugees. Airlines are still complicit in the violence of borders.


Very good articles courtesy of Liberty on why facial recognition is a bunch of baloney. Worth a look!


here’s a tech company creating a product that they’re using press to tout as being ‘better in triage than doctors’





I’ve just started working in stuff to do with tech/internet policy and human rights and there’s just so much going on and it’s almost happening too quickly for public policy to catch up and set standards.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that even after Cambridge Analytica, Edward Snowden etc. we still aren’t taking the threat of this seriously enough. Proper Philip K Dick stuff.


“Dr. Mobasher Butt…”


After a summit in Brussels EU leaders backed the approach of Italy’s new populist government to the boats, suggesting the vessels should stay away and could be breaking the law by picking up those in distress.

probably lost in the brexit fallout but it’s important to remember the EU has collectively condemned untold 1000s of people to death over the years. i’d like to see a plan for reform from UK remainers if we somehow don’t leave.


This is a good, if lengthy, thread on the topic:


ffs. someone’s gonna die at some point, and when the family try and sue you can put money on a ‘the terms and conditions you accepted state that you understand that AI can only be so capable etc’


that whole notion of ‘sleepwalking into a dystopia’ thing is cliched but in this case incredibly accurate


i would say we’ve been in dystopia for years, and systems like this are designed to manage and police it


yeah but you’re para mate ;D


:grinning: with good reason tbf, every time you think they’ve reached peak shithouse another expose hits and you realise there’s nothing they won’t do to maintain this system and the power it gives them. libya, spy cops, the recession, cambridge analytica, brexit, syria etc. i guess that’s why i never get this need to invent conspiracy theories.



Fully Automated Luxury Fascism


It’s the 21st century version of the banality of evil isn’t it. Computer says incarcerate.