Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


i’m dead curious how long they slept for after that experiment


lmfao ridiculous


after the anniversary of 9/11, it’s important to look at how the liberal media have rewritten the events of that day. the cia definitely had nowt to do with it. “who controls the past” and all that.


definitely not nazis in ukraine saying definitely not nazi stuff here


Not quite enough for an ascent from fascism thread, but fair enough.

Catalonia, though.


I went to where a horrible far right thing was happening the other day. After the protests I sat on the grass nearby and I guess everyone thought I was horrible too.
Ann Marie Waters and Gerrard Gerard Batten turned up. Some people were dressed as Buzz Lightyear Peppa Pig and Mini Mouse. Loads of children running around in T-shirts about grooming gangs.
A pair of twins and a little girl came over and started tickling me with feathers so I ran around with them a bit. Pretty odd. They were blasting drum n bass and stand by me by oasis and black or white by Michael Jackson.
One of the speakers referred to someone else as [name] of the family [name] which was hard not to laugh at. They had a BBQ.
Don’t know what to say really, but the far right seem to be playing the tunes having bbqs and indoctrinating kids.


this has done me


oh also it seemed really busy at first and rowwwwdy but the speakers kept going on and on and rambling so by the end of it there were only about 30 people from what looked to be a few hundred at the start, and it ended with a man from Manchester complaining for ages about the establishment and trying to wind up the police.

re. Mini, buzz and Peppa. I asked Buzz and Peppa if I could take a photo but they were leaving and the lady was like “Nah I’m not putting this head back on it’s too hot!”
Mini let me take a picture next to her placard about rape gangs.

A couple of people taking some pictures of people with flags and stuff and I spent most of the time thinking about how to responsibly take pictures of far right extremists, and I think the answer is farage_plane_crash.jpg and richard_spencer_.gif.



I don’t think that I saw this posted here, from a few weeks ago:




Jordan Peterson’s bringing scurvy back?


Them other boys don’t know how to act


Welcome to Britain! You’d better have a good fucking reason to be here


Disagree that we’re better than this tbh


exactly. we’re absolutely on brand for being boggle-eyed fascists


Digressing slightly, but the wee pictograms for Passport Control and Customs are probably my favourite signs.


That’s no digression, fascists have historically been pretty on-point on the design front.