Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


like if there is a war then iran most certainly wouldn’t have provoked it and if they are making plans to strike back in the event of one then wcyd that’s the war you wanted baby


“Mate, we’re just a bunch of lads who love football and democracy, what do you have against that?!?”

Anti-fascists block route of Democratic Football Lads Alliance London march


MI5 grants its informants legal cover to participate in crimes that may extend to murder, torture and sexual assaults, a tribunal has heard.

The policy, in existence since the early 1990s, is likely to have enabled the Security Service to conceal wide ranging illegal activity, Ben Jaffey QC, representing an alliance of human rights group, told the investigatory powers tribunal (IPT) on Thursday.


not really part of a descent because MI5 have been fucking awful for years, but i’m guessing they feel there is little political risk in allowing the press to release these stories, which probably can’t be a good sign


(he used to be a Tory tbf)

(not true)


Imagine thinking this name made you sound any less fascist


Great bunch of football lads.


They’re working down the list that features “Continuity” and “The Real”.




It’s really weird listening to Americans who’ve visited here waxing lyrical about the positive experiences they’ve had with our plods. Like you know they’re a gang of corrupt, racist, useless half-wits right? Then you read stuff like this and realise just how low their bar is set.






:no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth:


the comrades here fighting the normalisation process, good stuff


"However, I do think their views and those of similar parties and organisations in the UK should be robustly challenged in healthy and open debate.”



i’d like to see you offer an example of when nazis were defeated with anything besides fact checked arguments. check mate, hard left.


FFS, that’s my MP too. I feel an angry email coming on