Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]


i predict that this will go exactly as well as it did when someone at bbc radio 5 said to rage against the machine during the campaign to be xmas number 1

can you do the song without the rude words?

and RATM said… yes of course we can, i mean the lyrics to our song are “fuck you i won’t do what you tell me” but on this occasion we will of course do as you’ve requested

having become xmas number 1 they performed a free concert in… finsbury park!


I regret to inform everyone that Tim had a very, very special take on this:


I can’t even get mad at the likes of him and Dan Hodges. They’re such wonderful cretins.





They’re in different leagues as far as I’m concerned. At least Hodges is only cretinous 75% of the time.


aww the brazil stuff is so bleak, don’t have anything to say, it’s just fucking bleak and there’s nothing to do about it.




Under no circumstances will you play the song: Sweat from My Balls.


oh fucking hell


Absolutely awful. Just read that the ceremony was a baby’s bris. :frowning:


Was only talking about how the synagogues and Jewish schools near me have dads from the community on rota guarding the doors yesterday. As though it’s just a regular thing to do. This is awful :frowning:


eight dead, 3 cops shot too. Will inevitably be a maga chud.

you know what is also galling is how the cops always seem to manage to negotiate a peaceful surrender with white mass shooters but can’t seem to do the same when it’s a black kid shoplifting videogames or something.




Again, what really stands out to me about these guys is that I rarely see them offering anything positive to their supporters. What they promise primarily is suffering, humiliation and death to everyone else, over and over. That’s the key motivation. It’s fascinating and gut-wrenching.


jesus christ


really wish he’d died after that stabbing tbh.


this is good


it’s so hard to come to terms and make your peace with the fact that we’re just done as a species isn’t it?

I didn’t do enough and find it harder to make changes as the years go by due to increasing anxiety and fear :frowning:


I’ve always worked on the assumption that most people are fundamentally reasonably decent. I’m increasingly struggling to maintain this world view after the last few years.


it’s almost worse if they are isn’t it? Like reasonable decency isn’t enough to combat this stuff