Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread (no chat)


Can’t believe overeducated is actually a word


Soon we’re going to be lining up and shooting everyone with glasses like the Khmer Rouge



Do YOU agree with Shippam’s Paste?


exactly. your average corporation is essentially a feudal/totalitarian state where every “citizen” is monitored and micromanaged, and their freedoms are restricted and curtailed so they don’t undermine the “nation”. to echo what parsefone said, it’s not really ideal that grown ups are treated like this for most of their working lives anyway, but when the CEO decides to apply his management philosophy to the running of a country, it’s bound for disaster.



do we have to beat up a pregnant woman like rod did to prove we’re not a liberal elite?



should’ve been @marckee


Anyone else feeling that Coke, Budweiser & Air b’n’b Superbowl half-time ads being held up as bastions of diversity & moral righteousness are the biggest sign of the apocalypse so far?

smh so much today


Rod Liddle




this is weird


This is utterly fucked


Isn’t Hungary virtually a white supremacist dictatorship these days? Not all that surprising.


Since the investigation determined that the officer couldn’t be dismissed because PPD does not have a policy against tattoos, we will draft such a policy so this cannot happen again.

Seems like a perfectly reasonable response, though.


thats what yer man nick griffin’s banking on according to the article


I mean yeah, that doesn’t stop it being fucked.

Also, I don’t really know from a legal standpoint how true that is. I mean a policy against tattoos? Do they not have a policy covering fascism and the like? I mean you don’t let people who have been in groups like the KKK join the police if you know about it, I thought?


I suppose this is almost certainly be something that would be covered by the first amendment and with the police being state run I can’t conceivably see how you could come up with a policy that excludes fascists.


Dunno mate. Obviously, it’s not good that this guy can keep policing but I can definitely see a legal situation whereby on the grounds of the tattoo alone they can’t sack him and at least they’re basically admitting he should be dismissed regardless

Edit: or maybe I’m just naive, who knows


I’m pretty sure our police and armed forces don’t allow in fascists. Surely this is like stuff that former criminals are not allowed to do. No matter what rights you have there are certain things that are considered not allowed.

@littlebirds Yeah, I don’t know obviously. I’m just saying that I won’t completely accept this as the answer, probably because I really don’t trust the police service to be that good at self-policing, etc.