Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread (no chat)


I think we should have a big world poll (perhaps on Discourse?) in order to sort the population into new geographical zones where you’d live with like minded people and just smoke weed everyday.


Yes but we also have hate speech laws in this country, there’s no such thing in America.


Further evidence that we’re witnessing the Klept establishing themselves in the US. Though on the evidence of this, Melania is pretty far down the depth chart when it comes to their top grifters.

Also, someone needs to come up with a way that both sides can lose this dispute:


Play in dirt you gonna get dirty.


Yeah much as I’m not a fan of The Trumps I quite like the idea of her rinsing The Mail. I guess this is Schadenfreude?


this is absolutely brilliant, like some Shakespearean triste played out in web 2.0


so the cops knew that Internal Affairs were setting them up?




The new local legislation bans the wearing of Muslim dress like the hijab and the call to prayer and also outlaws public displays of affection by gay people.



there’s no irony-meter in these people who always back up their hatred of Muslims by citing Islamic countries’ treatment of women and gay people, while they simultaneously pull shit like this.


I very much doubt they’d cite Islamic homophobia in this case. Culturally this type of Eastern European has never been afraid to say they just hate muslims and gays. Or rather the idea of muslims and gays, since almost none actually want to live in their idyllic utopia on the Hungarian/Serbian border. They marched through your village for a reason, m8s.


yeah this is such an incredibly dodgy piece of writing. don’t write “white utopia” without inverted commas ffs. don’t quote nick fucking griffin for absolutely no reason. don’t give the literal last word to a racist saying “this is a fact” !!!

“Mr Toroczkai says he would be happy to welcome people from England”: actually just free PR, good one bbc

also a bit grossed out to learn i’m living in nick griffin’s fav country where he wants all the white people to migrate (not that this comes as any sort of surprise but still)


ah, makes sense, i was conflating them with the attitudes of British and American people that i’ve read, though i guess even then they focus more on the ‘they rape our women’ angle than the homophobia one (while simultaneously trying to defund abortion clinics and stop mandatory consent classes)


that’s why you moved there tho rite


yeah theres no mention of the traditional racists’ argument of ~islamic treatment of womens and gays~ they just hate them for no reason


yeah its a really ugly article isnt it


France heading for doom, in direct parallels to America.

Le Pen takes centre stage

Fillon gets hit by corruption giving catholic /traditional conservatives finally motivated to vote nowhere to go but Le Pen.

Macron is almost a Trump jnr in terms of a rich man trying to manipulate by pushing on a platform of ‘draining the swamp’ (see current moves for legislative application post-election).

And the young, at the 11th hour, mobilise finally and turn tooooooooo

Socialist ticket that won’t even slightly win. Familiar?

Any French person you debate this with comes back with “you forget that there’s a a second vote.”

Le Pen will secure a serious lead in round one because of the split in her opposing voters.

That will in turn mobilise the racist zombies in the countryside. Who will get every single granny on a minibus to vote for Le Pen.

Totally and utterly fuckeddddd


the Urban population in France is greater than 80% of the population as a whole though

which is roughly the same as the UK but

I dunno
Mrs BITT is working in Paris this week and all our French friends there are fairly convinced that the head-to-head will stop Le Pen (like it stopped her dad in 2002 when we lived there) but either way they all say that the last 3 Presidents between them have managed to fuck everything so badly that there would hardly be a noticeable difference

which is frighteningly Brexit

still trying to be optimistic though as I remember the alarm in 2002 after the first round of voting resulting in an eventual 83-17 victory for Chirac despite Chirac being roundly despised


Yeah. The whole ‘makes no difference attitude’ is prevalent with wife’s family and friends. One guy i absolutely love has gone down the lines of look, i don’t want le pen, but ‘we need to turn this upside down’ because of people like Fillon being super corrupt.

I’m really hoping Macron’s very obvious telegraphing of being anti corruption is enough to sway the masses at this point. No one else can actually beat her now


the note on chirac gives me major hope actually upon rereading. Thanks BITT