Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread (no chat)


it’s my main hope too

the caveat being that Chirac - being the experienced elder statesman - was a no-brainer against Le Pen senior
Macron might not be such an obvious white knight in this instance


is it right that his economic positions are very “more of the same” a la clinton.


From what I know he’s a bit of a slick technocrat who wants a generation of French Elon Musks & Steve Jobss to step up & that he’s definitely on Israel’s side & not on Palestine’s but obviously nowhere near as fundamentally anti-arab as Le Pen (or even Sarkozy). So I guess quite Clintony in that laissez-faire (actual) centrist way

he does give me a bit of a Blairite wolf-in-sheeps-clothing vibe though - that secular, militantly ‘fair and evidence based’ mind that you know is gonna run up against some unshiftable core prejudice at some point


Yep spot on. He’s saying all the right things concerning later-stage appointments of people with no history of corruption investigations but it feels like that’ll turn into righteous zeal fast


Yeah, he seems sound but he also seems like someone who could say ‘Non!’ very firmly & mean it

he also seems to have a neoliberal rather than a humanitarian approach to immigration though; ie ‘it’s good for the economy’ which is not ideal but might just be the best sell tactic I dunno

he seems quite keen on EU wide tax & wage integration as well (to answer @blueturtle a bit better - he did mention economic position) which could be absolutely great …or could equally be absolute poison.

Maybe the idea of an EU imposed minimum wage is what has May running for the hills (though I doubt it would be set higher than current UK min wage)


outright perverting democracy, really. dunno if it’s strictly fascism but it’s a definite attempt to control public opinion of her government’s shady, slack as fuck handling of the nhs crisis and reshape an unflattering situation to their advantage. brittle authoritarian cunts. imagine the lies and distortions still to come in the eu exit if this is how they handle a local government matter.


There’s already some trutherism going on about those texts - the screenshots are from the same time but the level of signal changes! What’s the deal!?!?!?!?!?


The look on Sajid Javid’s face when Corbyn read them out tells you all you need to know.


level of signal constantly changes in some places.

Isn’t it well known that it’s not really a true signal reading and just a sort arbitrary value based on several factors? I’m sure QI talked about this. @marckee ?



I have no idea


A rare situation.



so near, so theo


This really is the epitome of shithousery brexit tory britain. Well, until the next thing. Shameful what’s going on at the moment.


just been to the shops, only just spotted today’s Daily Mail front page on Bercow


really hope farage gets publicly punched in the face soon


Not good news exactly but i’ll take what we can get right now


Saw this earlier and thought, why not delete everything from ‘of’ to ‘by’? At least that would be accurate. Letts is vile.

Also, who still has premium bonds? Only people I can think of are my Daily Mail reading, ex-pat grandpar… ah.


Read that Letts piece for some reason and now feel poisoned