Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread (no chat)


It’s from September 2014, mate.


oh balls. That’s ok then.

I blame people on fb sharing old articles.


It’s been dragged up a few times since the vote, don’t worry.




nah mate prolonging a sectarian conflict “incentivises” child refugees to travel to Europe or indeed anywhere where there’s less risk of you know… dying.


saw a figure showing how we took in 200000 refugees in 3 years during the yugoslav wars.


theresa may is a disgustingly racist woman though, so this isn’t surprising. horrific, sure.


Le Pen currently at 9/4 on to win. Jeebus.





Chilowa also suffered smoke inhalation during the rescue, and was told he couldn’t use the NHS.



I was kind of disturbed when I went to Lake Garda last year that D’Annunzio’s house is open as a tourist attraction, in a “look at this beautiful mansion” kind of way, with all his clothes and possessions on display.


Last year he lost 10 days of attendance allowances (€3,060; £2,633) and was suspended for five days for comparing Europe’s influx of migrants to “excrement”.

In October 2015 he was suspended for 10 days for making a Nazi salute in the chamber.

Sounds like a top, top bloke.


The Telegraph headline was pushing that he was an ‘EU lawmaker’ which is technically true, but I guess that ‘right-wing MEP’ wouldn’t have gone down so well with their readers.


bbc casually exploring the idea of workplace eugenics:

“we will permit you to earn less money in return for the joys of renting your labour to us”.

i mean, if a disabled person can do a job of work there should be no reason not to pay them the right amount of money, plus everybody, disabled or not, struggles to do much beyond pay for the privilege of commuting to work on minimum wage as it is. this is the kind of insane shit that will actually become policy the second a tory cunt realises they can halve the number of benefits claimants/unemployment figures. also quite interesting how the mother arguing for this owns her own business. we are really soulless fucking bastards.


what an absolutely hideous fucking cunt this woman is. more shocking how completely uncritical of this the bbc are being:

also lookit these choice pearls of wisdom:

"“The rules are there to prevent people from being exploited but… there should be separate rules for people with learning disabilities…”

“In practice, money isn’t the real point.”

“They want to work so as to have a fulfilling and purposeful life.” <apparently disabled people are also german shepherds.

“This is not about the right to a minimum wage, it is about the right to have the human dignity that comes with work.”

all sounds insane right, until you look at her family tree…

Monckton is the daughter of Marianna Laetitia Bower and Gilbert Monckton, 2nd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley and was educated at the Ursuline Convent at Tildonk in Belgium.[2] She is married to the journalist Dominic Lawson. They have two daughters, Domenica and Savannah. Domenica Lawson has Down’s syndrome and her godmother was Diana, Princess of Wales.

Monckton’s elder brother is Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton (born 1952), journalist, public speaker, and outspoken climate change sceptic. She also has three younger brothers:

The Honourable Timothy David Robert Monckton (born 15 August 1955)
The Honourable Jonathan Riversdale St. Quintin Monckton (born 15 August 1955)
The Honourable Anthony Leopold Colyer Monckton (born 1960)

basically your standard english aristo-nazi lineage. would not be remotely surprised if this creeps into law and a few years down the road they expand it to include all sorts of other things like physical disabilities, mental illness, depression, etc.


Seemed like the best place to post this, evening standard seems to taking the line of “look at these young chaps and their radical politics what fun”


Some tasty comments under that article:

Milo, Raheem and PJW are not alt-right, they are cuckservatives, cuckservatives were part of the reason the alt-right was established in the first place…

Yup, definitely.

Alt Right LOL. I supposed the left always need a bogeyman. This is why the left are losing support. because they have become a parody