Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread (no chat)


people like that have been saying the left are losing support since the left first became a thing 200 years ago or whatever. i bet there were pepe the frog losers in russia in 1917 going, “this is a flash in the pan, communism won’t see the end of the decade.”


this is what an actual politician can say when they know the press and the government won’t criticise them in the dystopian present:


Sometimes I honestly wonder what world Liam Fox is living in.


Probably quite a popular belief that though. Nation states for ya. Everyone is taught to believe that history is on their side from childhood. There’s a collective amnesia about any wrongdoings and a sanctimonious condemnation of those of others.


Not in Germany


Very exceptional case. But yes, I thought of Germany.


True …and all nation states play down their atrocities to a certain extent but I’ve got to say that the UK still has the Colonial Empire attitude right at the heart of its self-image along with all the class/militaristic/authoritarian garbage that enables & promotes it
This is slap bang in the middle of the mainstream in the UK, whereas in most other countries where it exists it is a component of a much more complex blend of guilt, pride & shame and is usually to the right or far right of the centre

In short, the UK has a real, special blind spot to its historical crimes


That’s reflected in the way UK history (wrt interactions with foreign countries) is taught here as well.
Celts and Saxons and that
Battle of Hastings
Spanish armada
Eery silence
2 world wars and one world cup


No denying that. I wonder if say, the German genocide in Namibia is well taught in schools there? Is it only the holocaust which is taught with such contrition?

My gut feeling from their political stances is that the US, France, Spain, Netherlands etc. don’t really bring kids up to understand the colonial atrocities that their societies are founded upon.


I find it very telling that throughout my education we were taught at least once about Vietnam, but Ireland was literally never mentioned


Yep. I posted on here about someone who I saw commenting on FaceBook. Looking forward to Brexit as ‘we ruled the world for centuries’ and seemed to be hankering to return back to the glory days. He seemed to think we would be ushering in a new era of amazingness.


Want to write a massive reply to this but I’m on mobile so while I don’t disagree with what you’re saying here I just have to say that of all the EU countries (Fox’s original statement) the UK is by far the worst at this



Yeah, I gotcha and I agreed with the sentiment. I meant “no denying that we’re the worst” in Western Europe, probably because we went above and beyond the crimes most others have committed anyway.


Yup, pretty much

Or worse - in that eery silence;
“We perfected farming, we invented modern science, we started the industrial revolution and we abolished slavery”
“But Sir…”
“There’s the bell, of you go to PE now”


We covered Ireland politically and historically for GCSE. Didn’t learn owt about Vietnam though - wasn’t part of our syllabus.

Different syllabuses/syllabi for different… needs?


Germany only really recently recognised this genocide so I doubt it was really taught up until recently


Will the Dutch be next to fall with Geert Wilders? A man who Farage says “goes way, way, way beyond” UKIP…

His first pledge is the “de-Islamisation of the Netherlands”. A PVV government would end all immigration from Muslim countries and shut down asylum centres. It would ban the Quran, close all mosques and Islamic schools, and forbid the wearing of the hijab in public places. Muslims with dual nationalities who have committed crimes would be deported. Suspected radicals would be put in preventive detention.



The Tories have now decided to see if they think it’s safe enough to send Refugees back to their country of origin after 5 years. Fucking hell.