Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread (no chat)


"Services are closing, and day centres barely exist any more, so I guess I might as well force my disabled child into slave labour?

What absolute cuntery.


Really can’t overstate how fucking weird this is (even without the fish). Find it really unnerving.


Should say, my brother is learning disabled, and does actually do work at what I guess is not minimum wage (I don’t even know if it’s paid at all… fuck, for all I know, he / my parents pay for him to attend). Filling envelopes and so on do to mail shots for companies. I don’t think he gains any sense of pride or selfhood through the process of work. He’d rather be watching football and going to the cinema. But there is certainly an aspect of companionship and socialising to it that he does benefit from. And if a company is benefiting from his labour, then he should be adequately compensated for it.


Your man here, an elected senator in Iowa -


This is politics now.


she let him off WAY too lightly there




he’s back!!! p sure he’s Hopkins-level desperate for attention at this point tbh, but even so, FUCKING. HELL.




Kin 'ell

Related; there was a report that said there was a 25% drop in rape & domestic violence in US Latin-American communities after Trump came to power



That’ll teach them to come over here and be victims of crime. British victims for British criminals!


I mean …the drop is in reporting the crime …presumably through fear of deportation

realised that the post could easily have been read differently there :confused:


No tax credits for third children unless you fill in a form stating that the child was a product of rape, and get your doctor to sign it.


some fascist news from hungary, where i currently live: the government has just made my university illegal because it’s full of commies and queers. ten thousand people marched and they fast-tracked the legislation, then eighty thousand people marched for the president to veto it and he signed it into law. the hungarian press, which is now pretty much exclusively pro-government, reported that the demonstration had a “disappointing turnout” and that protesters were being paid and/or flown in by george soros. all eighty thousand of them. here are some photos:

people are on the streets again right now, but essentially hungary is a full on authoritarian state now and we’re probably fucked. and the university thing isn’t even close to the worst shit they’re doing: all refugees are now being forced into shipping container detention camps and a report just came out about some pretty horrific police brutality at the border, while the prime minister straight out says he wants an “ethnically homogeneous country”

this post has been a public service to make you all feel marginally better about shitty britain. i realise everywhere is going pretty 1930s right now, but it does really feel like i’m living right at the brink of it


here’s an ok article about the whole situation:

oh, and there’s also this:

read the questions, the whole thing is such an insanely transparent exercise in propaganda it’s incredible they’re still getting away with it

a tiny ray of sunshine: two of my pals went to a conference in amsterdam and met the luminous judith butler and she is in solidarity

probably none of you except @DarwinBabe know who that is but trust me she’s about as famous as academics get (without being deliberate weirdos like zizek or whatever)


the uk government is still trying to send refugees back there too


Fucking shit how little attention this has gotten in the press. The scant articles you do see on it have tons of bot astroturfers on them saying that this’ll all make Hungary safer than the UK in the long run. Awful situation


didn’t she write loads of stuff about gender being a performance? pretty sure i studied her at uni.

i’ve read a little bit about the CEU stuff in Hungary, but not quite sure what the consequences are. if it’s been made illegal, what are the implications for students/academics? is the state going to forcibly shut down courses there, or is it allowed to operate but qualifications from there won’t be recognised within Hungary? saw that various European cities - Vienna, Pristina, etc - have been offering to host CEU, but it’s no comfort for people who have built their lives in Budapest! hope you’re safe x