Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread (no chat)


Obviously not quite the same scale as Hungary right now but this has come to light:

@xylo you were pretty chilled about this before, would be grateful for some reassurance that this will amount to nothing (this sounds sarcastic, but isn’t I promise).


I have a Hungarian friend who lives in London. A couple of years ago, about 2-3 months before the last Hungarian election, she lost her wallet with her Hungarian ID. She applied for a new one at the embassy, which is usually pretty quick about doing new cards, but they dragged their feet for ages and put her through loads of bureaucratic hurdles. When it came to the election, they then claimed that her Hungarian passport wasn’t good enough ID, and she couldn’t vote without the ID card they had failed to replace (which had never been the case before). She had to kick up a massive fuss to get her vote. It was a clear attempt to disenfranchise her. Obviously Hungarians who live abroad aren’t going to vote for Orban and his super-nationalist policies.


def won’t happen. would/might bet on it


that sounds flippant

but how many of us have work email apps on our phones? What happens if a government official travels to the US? a hedge fund manager? any marketing person with access to massive lists of customer details? give up your passwords to the US with that being the case? no way in merry hell that’s going to happen, which cripples work travel permanently.


I don’t get how they’d know otherwise if you said you weren’t on Facebook or whatever.


They ask to see your phone and see what apps you have? Or open your laptop and go through your search history? You’re already asked to provide social media accounts on ESTA applications (though it is not compulsory to provide them).


Do you get to write “I’m not even on Facebook”?


UKIP seem to be embracing more blatant islamaphobia with their new 10 point manifesto including mandatory medical checks for girls at risk of FGM

Can they just go away already?



the Brexit campaign in the United Kingdom were marked by high-profile media bashing, a highly toxic anti-media discourse that drove the world into a new era of post-truth, disinformation and fake news,

They’ve got that totally back to front, haven’t they?





These aren’t errors or oversights - they’re built in to the system.


IT people, is there a way to turn off this Auto-Patronise service? I don’t recall signing up for it.


I’m agreeing with you, no?


Bit harsh? Don’t think he was aiming to correct you on anything, more adding to what you posted.


(But obviously yeah he should apologise)


Perhaps you need to rethink how you phrase things. It always comes across as really condescending, like you’re a teacher correcting a small child.

Maybe you don’t actively intend to give that tone, but that’s the message it conveys. Like you think everyone else has an inferior intellect to you. Which is not a good thing to put across.


I don’t understand most of this text. Maybe @hip_young_gunslinger does. :smiley: