Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread (no chat)


Deep sub talk, but some of it rings a bell - WOB is white on black, dog’s dicks are exclamation marks, bills are the promos you get outside newsagents, etc etc. I’d have to look up a lot of them though. No mention of widows and orphans, my favourite paper terms (single words in the last line or fine line of columns, to be avoided at all costs).


Kerning, ragged right, gutter, separations, stone etc are all design/printing things.


Kerning is one of the few terms in that I understood! (Probably because it intersects into web stuff.)


Ragged right means you don’t justify the text, so the right hand side has a wobbly margin. Often for columns they use justification, and for whole-page text they use ragged right margins as that’s what’s easier on the eye.

Gutter is the gap between columns and also the gap for where the paper is folded. Getting it wrong messes up the whole page.

You make colour separations for printing, one each for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Nowadays it’s a separate pdf for each colour, but in the old days it was separate photo-etched metal sheets or lithography stones. Lots of printers don’t need you to supply it any more though, they just use software to do it automatically.

Off-stone is when it’s all ready to print and it’s too late to change anything. From the days when they used to use actual stone sheets in handtypesetting and lithography.

You make a dummy copy of the publication for everyone to look through to check before signing off. These days it’s usually just simple computer printouts in plastic sleeves in a folder. So you can see what the real thing will look like and catch any last mistakes.

Em and en are measurements, mostly used for spaces and dashes. Em is the width of an m, and en the width of an en. Designers and copy editors get really fussy about improper use of em and en dashes. Lots of software like InDesign automatically corrects them to the right one now. Basically en-dashes are for inside words, and em-dashes as breaks in a sentence or to attribute quotes.

Morgue is the reference files.


I remember when I worked on the student paper our designer got really excited by having dividing lines going to the height of the x-line (I think). Like, really excited. Heavy breathing and everything.


Oh and proofs are the test copies. Usually you do in-house printed out ones to check for mistakes, and the printers send you colour ones on the real paper to sign off that everything is printed to your satisfaction.

Jump lines are those “continued on page 20” things.


They know how to live dangerously.


Some of these I knew but most of these I didn’t!

Trying to work out if the joke is funnier now that I understand it more.



It’s all boring pedantic stuff that the top editor would not give less of a shit about. The kind of stuff other people are paid to deal with to keep things running smoothly so they can think about more exciting things like journalistic directions and so on.


I wonder if George even does any work. Like I just imagine him sitting in a plush office with that slapped fish look on his face, staring into the corner.


thread took a wonderfully strange turn :smiley:


The help handle these things. He doesn’t need to learn any of those words.


And if there are any gaps in his knowledge, his new author pal, Dave, can give him tips:


wtf is this news piece. bollocks did cameron pay 25 gs for that. how many gs did they pay him to get em on the “news”


It’s incredible isn’t it, all these stories are just a pure fucking advert for the guy who makes them. Some of them even mention how his business got off the ground thanks to some Tory grant.


whenever I see this thread, I think of a generic DiSer dressed up as a clown doing comedy rolly pollies into a black hole with a swastika in the middle.




shame on marckee for doing the devils work


What about ears for sale and bringing back the fudge?


No idea.