Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread (no chat)


Laugh at a guy whilst protesting, 1 year in prison.

Shoot a man who happens not to be white, well that’s a bit different isn’t it…


And what about things that are invented between when you’re born and when you’re fifteen?


have been reading about the Utoya massacre the last couple of days, maybe a bit naive but i find it incredible how the alt-right/neo-nazi movement has grown in the years since. had forgotten how completely horrifying and unreal that was. children slaughtered for being liberals



Not strictly fascism-related, but there’s a pretty good chance that this is the most globally significant thing to happen this week…


This right here is May’s post-Brexit economic opportunity


can you explain the implications for someone who has no real understanding of the situation?


There’s proxy wars happening all over the Middle East between Saudi and Iran.
Saudi have now used Isis to attack irans parliament which ramps things up considerably


I think it can be summed up as

‘Places it’s all kicking off no. 25183: The Arabian Peninsula’




More than a few credible historians/commentators consider the Order one of the the oldest fascist organisations in Europe, FWIW:




These are good meeeemes

How do these people even live


Guys what about the memes

Like he could be shouting “Will someone please think of the children!” This is cracking me up so much.


The UN HRC (rightly) gives us hell:

  • PREVENT policy risks ‘dividing, stigmatizing and alienating segments of the population’
  • Trade Union balloting legislation ‘profoundly undemocratic’
  • The Investigatory Powers Act “contained procedures without adequate oversight, coupled with overly broad definitions, which might result in unduly interfering with the right to privacy, the right to freedom of opinion and expression and the right to freedom of association.”

We knew all this, but good to see such a stinging rebuke


Apparently he offered very few actual examples


Jesus wept


Whose claiming the OO are fascists? They pretty much are, but what are the sources? Genuinely interested :smiley: